Rants & Raves

Comments from our readers.


THAT IS SO ridiculous for people to get all upset over this holiday period and what to say about it. There's no love or general nice greetings in you folks who claim to be Christian? As for the idea of pushing one particular religion in our public schools to supposedly better people: I see the churches and parents are not doing such a hot job, so what makes you think trying to push it during school hours will cure a lot of the crimes?

HAS MAYOR Deke Copenhaver ever visited with the local Muslim or Buddhist places of worship? When I try to follow the news about his prayer meetings, I don't see such mention, but then I'm not based in Augusta anymore.

OBAMA SAYS HE is "still wrestling with whether gay couples should have the right to marry ..." What arrogance! Who should marry is not up to Obama, or any president, or even to all of mankind. Marriage was invented by God, not Obama.

ONLY VP BIDEN could be so insulting to Jesus that he, Biden, praises gayness in a Christmas Eve interview.

AP FRONT PAGE mentions that Bethlehem is the "traditional birthplace of Jesus," and that the Church of the Nativity there is "believed by Christians to be the birthplace of Jesus." Thus, AP carefully hints that being "traditional" could mean Jesus' birth in Bethlehem is not factual. Grow up, media! Believe it or not, Jesus is watching!

ABOUT NOVEMBER'S elections, outgoing South Carolina Attorney General McMaster says, "You never know what the voters are looking for." If he doesn't know something so obvious, he needs to be outgoing.

The rabidly left-wing public TV/radio system claims this addition of the UGA TV station to their marxist, brainwashing outfit will be "commercial." It'll be interesting to see how a commercial network can make a profit for a group whose goal is to kill profits for businesses.

SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN Obama made a Christmas Eve statement in an interview. He kept calling Christmas the "holidays." Is Obama so anti-Christian that he fears even saying the word 'Christ'?

I SEE PAINE COLLEGE is also trying to close a major portion of a street that connects to three other main roads. Can you not think of at least studying and then testing pedestrian lights? What is it about college students, whether MCG or Paine College ones, who seem to have so much difficulty in crossing busy streets without some main help from other adults in costly and often ridiculous road closures?