Tax office plans to send out new warning

Steven Kendrick

If your 2010 property taxes still haven't been paid, expect to hear from the Richmond County Tax Office next week.


Tax Commissioner Steven Kendrick's office will mail 12,000 letters Friday, giving taxpayers 30 days to pay, or the tax office will place liens on their properties.

A 10 percent penalty was placed on delinquent property taxes after the Dec. 20 deadline.

Meanwhile, 12 of the 15 biggest delinquent property tax bills listed in recent Augusta Chronicle articles have been paid.

The largest delinquent account and three others were paid this month before penalties went into effect.

National Hills Exchange paid $143,716.95 in taxes for National Hills shopping center at 2701 Washington Road on Dec. 7, settling the top delinquent account. Others that paid before the penalty deadline:

- USPG Portfolio One LLC paid $61,179.69 for a portion of Walmart, 590 Bobby Jones Expressway, on Dec. 8.

- Purohit & Associates LLC paid $59,617.59 for Staybridge Hotel, Center West Parkway, on Dec. 20.

- Finnchem USA Inc., Huron Tech paid $58,348.12 for Huron Tech chemical, 2360 Doug Barnard Parkway, on Dec. 10.

Those on the original list of top tax bills that still haven't been paid are:

- RDC Properties LLC, $102,073.75 in taxes, penalty and interest for the Sun Trust Building at 801 Broad St.

- RDC Properties LLC, $77,605.92 in taxes, penalty and interest for the Lamar Building, 753 Broad St.

- Cascades Pointe at Augusta, $43,765.21 in taxes, penalty and interest for College Station Apartments, 3105 Wrightsboro Road.

Since the first article listing the 15 biggest delinquent property tax bills was published Nov. 27, the following accounts have been paid:

- $108,876.64 on the Sam's building at 596 Bobby Jones Expressway

- $92,525.62 for Iron Horse Apartments on Stevens Creek Road

- $82,895.62 on the Walmart building at 594 Bobby Jones Expressway

- $63,761.28 for Spicewood Apartments on Wheeler Road

- $35,867.01 on Thornberry Apartments at 3204 Skinner Mill Road

- $48,475.37 for Comfort Inn, 1455 Walton Way

- $64,293.43 for Shapiro Meat Packing at 1301 N. Savannah Road

- $54,788.28 for Shapiro Meat Packing personal property and inventory at 1150 Fifth St.

- $44,312.40 for Augusta Oncology, 3606 Wheeler Road.

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