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RAVES FOR THE Odyssey Hospice. They were the kindest, most caring people you would ever want to know. Sincere appreciation. Raves for Poteet Funeral Home. They carry out all your wishes, no matter how strange. Thank you, Stephen.

THIS IS A RANT for whoever decided to have Berckmans Road lined two days before Christmas. What a mess. What were you thinking?

A RANTER WONDERS why South Carolina ETV runs a special on the life of Buddha three days before Christmas. Alas, all those entities that call themselves "public" (ETV, PBS, etc.) have many goals, and among them is making sure they remember to insult God whenever they can.

WHAT ARE WE on fixed incomes going to do? Georgia Power is getting a huge increase. Guess we'll have to go back to candle power.

MANY THANKS TO the local news media for announcing what the average cost of a gallon of gas "should be." I'm sure it helped the local fuel distributors decide to raise prices 20 cents per gallon overnight to meet the area average.

IN REFERENCE TO the person the other day who said: I have nowhere to go and all day to get there, so please stay off my bumper -- I would like to tell her if that is true then she needs to park her car and walk, then she can take all the time she wants.

A QUESTION TO the SSI people: How often do you all check up on people getting food stamps? I was in IGA Supermarket the other day in line to pay for my items; there was a lady in front of me who had a trifold wallet, and when she opened it up I could see at least three credit cards, yet she pulled out a food stamp card to pay for her groceries.

RANT TO THE Columbia County Board of Education: Can anyone explain the reason behind approval of the school calendar for the next two years that does not give the teachers a single day off between Labor Day and Thanksgiving?

A RANT TO THE powers at MCG who want to close a city street to make the campus more beautiful. If the MCG students are not smart enough to cross the street, they do not have the smarts to be in medical school. Leave Augusta's old neighborhood as it has always been, open to the public and to business.

IF THE TRANSIT department is losing so much money, why is there going to be a fare-free week? Why do all the buses have new bike racks on them? Why are the buses going to run when the rest of the city is closed down for a furlough day and Christmas holidays? If the buses are running on a holiday, does this mean the drivers are paid double time? Who in the world is making these decisions?

RANT TO THE lady who said that six of her 10 kids got free bikes. Where is the father of all these kids? Why isn't he helping to provide Christmas for these 10 kids? Or is it that if there is a father figure, then no welfare? You have the right to have 10 kids, but it would break the average working couple to try to take care of 10 kids.

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