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I WOULD LIKE to give a huge rave for the woman at Tires Plus on Robert C. Daniel Jr. Parkway on Saturday who paid for two of my tires. She is a stranger to me but knew that I needed help and would not take no for an answer. She is definitely an angel to me and I will always be grateful to her. This is what Christmas is all about!

THIS IS MORE of a plea, but it could turn into a rave. The center lines on Stevens Creek Road between Riverwatch and Claussen Road are all but gone, cars are all over the road at night. Please fix this before someone gets hurt, (city of Augusta).

IF YOU HAVE nowhere to go and all day to get there, how about getting over in the slow lane?

HERE'S A RANT to the folks who get so overworked about these 150th anniversary observations of Civil War events. It's history, people. It won't change, and we all know how the story ends. The Confederacy will lose the war and y'all can rave about it from 2013 on.

DEAR SOUTH CAROLINA ETV: Can someone please explain to me why you chose three days before Christmas to air a special on the life of Buddha?

I AM TRULY SORRY that the people at Olin will lose their jobs in 2012, but is this really anyone's fault other than Olin? They have known for over seven years about the problems they were causing to the Savannah River. I am a proud supporter of the Savannah Riverkeeper and am very thankful they are here to protect "our" drinking water here in Augusta.

THIS IS A RANT complaining about those poor overworked postal workers. You talk about slow motion. Go up to the VA emergency clinic someday. You'll see no motion.

TO THE PUNK or punks who broke into my friend's house on Hickory Drive and stole all the kids' Christmas, I have to ask, how do you sleep at night? You ruined my friend's Christmas. I just can't believe you did something like that.

A STORY MENTIONS the city paying for some road work with "leftover Special Purpose Local-Option Sales Tax 5 funds." Obviously, the original "purpose" was non-existent, otherwise, there'd be no money "left over." This is proof positive that anything from the mouths of politicians called a SPLOST is a political fraud from the beginning. Only suckers vote for a scam.

A POLICEMAN IS teaching parents about gang warning signs, like a kid carrying a red bandana in his hip pocket. Does that mean that an innocent 70-year-old man who happens to find bandanas convenient and cheap can get killed because he's practical?

YOU KNOW THAT if you haven't paid your trash bill, they're not going to pick it up. So does your whole neighborhood. Please do not deface our neighborhood with your overflowing trash can, mattresses, etc.

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