Rants & Raves

THIS IS A RAVE FOR Steve at Jiffy Lube on Martintown Road. My car was overheating and I drove it there very early on Friday morning. Although they weren't open yet, he looked under my hood and let me know what my problem was and how they could fix it. Thank you. You give auto mechanics a good name.


MY FAMILY AND I attended the Festival of Christmas at First Baptist Church in North Augusta. The choir did a wonderful performance. Also, the guest, This Hope, did a wonderful job singing. Your drama department is tops. I'm already looking forward to your performance next year.

IT IS UNDERSTANDABLE that government agencies can only offer insipid "Holiday Greetings" or "Season's Greetings," but if you want me to spend my money in your store, then wish me a "Merry Christmas." I do not buy Holiday Gifts, Season's Greetings gifts, or Winter Solstice gifts. I buy Christmas gifts.

THIS IS A RANT TO ALL of the drivers that can't read the "Do Not Block Intersection" signs at all the intersections along Wrightsboro Road near the Augusta Mall. The law states that if you cannot clear the intersection, do NOT pull out and block it for others. When will the law enforcement start ticketing these drivers?

THIS IS A RANT TO an Evans Middle School parent. During the boys basketball game (Grovetown vs. Evans Middle School), a parent came onto the court, trying to attack the kid that was playing against her child. Not only did you embarrass your kid, you embarrassed yourself and his school.

TURN LANEY-WALKER into Laney Walker Memorial Park. I believe that it would be wonderful to turn Laney-Walker from R.A. Dent Boulevard to Central Avenue to a memorial park. This would be great as a green space with a statue of Mrs. Laney in the park. I wish my fellow citizens would look at the bigger picture. Let's move Augusta forward!

WHY IS IT THE PEOPLE that talk the most about tolerance and love of fellow man have the least of both?

A BIG RANT TO AUGUSTA local politics. I have never lived in a place with so much sordidness in its local politics. It seems like it's all who you know in order to get things done around here. I was told almost as soon as I moved here that I needed to "know" the right people to get anything done.

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