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This is for the people who stole my stuff from the back of the moving van. I just want you to know that my entire life is now with you. Things that cannot be replaced. My grandfather built that coffee table with his bare hands. All the pictures of my children from birth to present, my high school years, my family gathering and everything that meant anything to me. My father was my best friend and he is gone. You have all my memories of him. It's Christmas, and you have ruined that for me, my children and my grandchildren. I have no job, no money to buy Christmas, no home to call my own, but I would never think to steal from others.

Why, oh why, do the commercials on TV have to be so loud?

One big thing I would worry about with Neighborhood Watch is ... some of the neighbors! I can tell that there are several sex offenders within a few yards of me. I don't want them watching or knowing anything or anyone of mine.

My rant is for women who should know better. Like a 30-year-old woman I know who has three kids with a guy she has married, divorced, married again, divorced again and is now dating him. She complains constantly about him, is flirting with other women's men and will probably get pregnant again. This guy is her second and fourth marriage, by the way. Please stop being a loser and smarten up and leave other women's men alone! You are shameful. How many marriages does it take you to learn?

I'm one of the people who live in Harrisburg, and I agree about the mail. The mailmen need to stay off the phone and do their jobs. I've never in my life seen a mailman talking on a cell phone and delivering mail to the right mailbox. Every week, I'm getting the wrong mail. This is tiring. It's even interfered with unemployment. I've had an unemployment check get sent to the wrong mailbox.

Hats off to the two Richmond County deputies who pushed a disabled car out of traffic in front of the main post office downtown Monday. They could have sat in their warm cruisers with the blue lights on but they got out in the cold and pushed that heavy vehicle about 50 yards, out of the flow of traffic. Gentlemen, thanks to both of you.

MCG can expand in Augusta only by closing Laney-Walker Boulevard, a major thoroughfare. They have already torn down some neighborhood housing. Perhaps it is better if they expand in Athens rather than in Augusta.


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