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THIS IS FOR the Savannah Riverkeeper. Thanks for not gloating as I lost my job. Merry Christmas to you, too.

I JUST READ about the three current Columbia County residents who (said) their decorations were stolen for Christmas. I just can't believe what this world is coming to when people actually destroy or steal Christmas decorations from somebody else's property. It's just ridiculous. It's a disgrace.

WHO DO WE need to talk to in reference to the United States Post Office? You go there to mail your packages at the busiest time of the year and they got two people working and moving at a very, very slow rate and the line is going out the door.

SRNS IS THROWING away money at colleges and charities while they are in the middle of a layoff. I guess they have to keep up appearances while they cut the throats of the people that work for them.

MCG, DON'T CLOSE the road. Build a crosswalk over the road. But if MCG wants to save some big money, all the administrators that have free houses, they should make their own house payments instead of having the taxpayers make their house payments. Same thing for magazine subscriptions and car allowances.

THANK YOU TO all the people, from the bottom of my heart, who took time to put up holiday lights. It makes my heart happy.

I SURE DO MISS Wachovia bank. You need a magnifying glass to read the fine print that Wells Fargo sends you on your report of your canceled checks. Please, (Wells Fargo), make larger print for people who can't see good.

I AM HAPPY that the Medical College of Georgia is in Augusta and would like to make positive things. However, there is another school with connections to Laney-Walker Boulevard. Paine College will be cut off from those of us who live on the other side of the medical college. What alternative route is there to get to the druggist, foot doctor, class, sports events, Druid Park Avenue, etc.?

WHO IS PAYING the electric bill for the new municipal building? Every night, every light in the entire building is on. That is one expensive electric bill for an empty building.

PEOPLE GET OFF your lazy behinds and get to know your neighbor. Stop complaining about the crime rate and form a neighborhood watch. The police can't help you keep your neighborhood safe if you don't help them. Criminals prey on neighborhoods where they know the neighbors don't talk to each other!

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