Rants & Raves

THIS IS A BIG RAVE for Matt Aitken and Lori Davis for trying to do something about these slumlords. Some of these properties they rent out should be condemned and torn down. They are not only an eyesore, they are fire traps.


I CAN'T BELIEVE that Americans aren't enraged by the steady increase in gas prices since Thanksgiving. Regular unleaded is almost up to $3 in some places. People are still losing jobs as well as homes but the oil cartel and oil companies don't care as long they can line bigger pockets. We are probably going to get back to the post-Katrina prices the way things are going and the price for the gulf oil spill will be added in, too. They have been waiting to hit us with that.

CUSTOMER SERVICE is at an all-time low in this area at fast-food and retail establishments. Don't get me wrong: there are some wonderful hardworking people out there who let you know that they appreciate your business and go out of their way to offer help, but then there are those that seem to think that they are doing you a huge favor by even waiting on you.

IN RESPONSE TO THE Rant towards Wells Fargo calling in to make a change on their credit card. We pride ourselves in providing the utmost in customer service along with preventing fraud/identity theft, etc. When you "call" into a branch, we are very limited as to what we can do for you over the phone since we cannot see you to identify you; therefore you would have been referred to our 800 number. ... I apologize for your long wait on the phone, but customers who come into the bank appreciate their uninterrupted meetings with a banker.

THIS IS A RAVE to Olive Garden on Washington Road. Thank you for such a wonderful dining experience. We came in with a party of 30 on Saturday afternoon and were seated within an hour. The staff did an amazing job, and the food was terrific.

RANTS TO THE PARENTS and kids at Mellow Mushroom in Evans on Friday night. My spouse and I packed up and left early because your kids, behaving badly, caused such a commotion. And you, as parents, did nothing to instruct them on how to act properly in a public place. Shame on all of you; nobody wants to see your children running around the restaurant, opening the hostess's cabinet doors and whining for coloring sheets.

AS A REGULAR CONTRIBUTOR to the Golden Harvest Food Bank, I think the 100 pounds of food that they're giving to the Graham family, there's probably somebody else out there that needs it more than them after all they just received.

There are so many people in the area who are about to lose their homes or struggling to make ends meet. People of the area, please, help your neighbors and your family and friends who you know need help.