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RANT TO THE AUGUSTA MALL security officers. Where in the world are you? I have been to the mall several times over the past few months (both before and after the holiday season) and am lucky if I see even one. You need to step up the pace as you did in previous years or Augusta Mall will be dead just like Regency. I used to love the mall; now I am not so sure. Get some leadership and officers that work, please.

HEADLINE: "DEAL WILL cut from budget." Don't believe it till you see it.

THIS IS A RANT for Midland Valley High School, where the teachers have been instructed not to turn on the lights on Christmas decorations in an effort to reduce energy costs.

THE WEALTHY IN THIS country are still Americans. They deserve to have the same tax rate as every other American. They should not be punished for their success. And I'm poor and I think that they should be treated exactly the same as every other American.

A RANT TO THE PERSON who commented about the Christmas music on WBBQ. It's simple. If you don't like it, don't listen to it.

ON A RECENT STAY at Eisenhower Army Medical Center I was privileged to be on Floor Nine East. The nurses, surgical team and everyone that I came in contact with treated me with respect and compassion. A special thank you to the staff at this outstanding hospital.

HOW WAS IT POSSIBLE for Commissioner Corey Johnson to pay his 2009 taxes on Feb. 23, 2010, without paying a 10 percent penalty or interest? Whoever allowed this to happen should be fired immediately. Shame on you, Corey Johnson, for depriving the city of Augusta of that money. Pay up like the rest of us.

A RANT TO THE FOLKS who accuse the Republicans of only wanting to give tax breaks to the rich. Here is a clue: If you don't pay taxes, like the lower 50 percent of income earners, you can't get a tax break!

A "SUPER WEALTHY" person already pays more in taxes than a person in the median income bracket receives as a salary! This administration only wants to look magnanimous. The true goal is to eliminate capitalism.

I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE all of the idiotic, aggressive people that are out there Christmas shopping. The true meaning of Christmas has been taken away by commercialism.

THIS IS TO THE RANTER who was complaining about Grovetown's water bill. ... When city hall got broke into and the safe got missing with everybody's water bill payment and everything in it. Nothing was never done and nobody was never prosecuted. So don't you think now that while they're out there checking the water they can rip you off there, too? This is a big rant to Grovetown. Get real. Get honest.

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