Being bad gets local band noticed online

Sometimes it's good to be bad.


Just ask Hush, a local band whose truly awful cover version of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb went viral on the Internet last week.

The band's first gig earned it more than 500,000 hits on YouTube and spots on a National Public Radio blog and Comedy Central's Tosh.0.

Not bad for a group of friends who decided six months ago to start jamming in a garage. Well, except for the fact that they're bad.

On Saturday, Hush reprised October's gig outside Big City Music on Wrightsboro Road with a two-song set.

The band members stayed true to their classic rock roots, pounding out Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here followed by Eric Clapton's Cocaine .

Their audience was a handful of family and friends, cars traveling from the nearby mall and three guys who came out specifically to watch Hush.

"I thought I would die laughing," Mitch Gayle said about the first time he watched the YouTube video, which is titled Worst Band Ever Butchers Pink Floyd.

Lead singer Joe Zale, 44, said after the set that the five-member band started as a group of friends throwing darts together. They all shared musical tastes -- including Pink Floyd -- and decided to put together a band.

During one practice the daughter of rhythm guitarist Steve Zeit, 46, told the band they sounded awful and needed to "hush." Thus, the name.

After three months of practicing the band heard about a benefit concert for breast cancer awareness. Zale thought a little more practice was in order before going public but then figured "why not?"

The result was what is seen in the online video: a disjointed, plodding train wreck of Pink Floyd's classic song.

The band members, including Michael Lester, 35, on bass and Chris Mance, 20, on drums, said they knew they sounded bad, so they weren't too upset or offended by the nasty comments.

"I laughed all the way through it," said Andy Lester, 37, who plays lead guitar.

Zale said they were just out to have fun.

"At least we had the guts to get onstage and try," he said.

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