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I'm happy for the Graham family now having a beautiful new home. My concern is that they may not be able to financially maintain the property. Surely the taxes alone will be substantially higher. What a shame if they should lose their home because of costs.

This is a rant for all the politicians in D.C. They should all be arrested for illegal gang activity. They fight over power and the innocent tax payers suffer. They never do anything unless it is a big pat on the back for their own gang. One gang is GOP ... the other is the Dems.

It's disgusting that the $250 payments for Social Security recipients is not going to be passed. My one medicine is $425.98, and I have a health plan but they will not pay for that particular drug, which comes from North Carolina, not Turkey. It's just disgusting.

Taxes. Take the word "the." Now take the word "IRS." Put them together. It spells "theirs."

I would like to do a huge rave to the Grace United Methodist Church of North Augusta for the wonderful Christmas program they put on, Return to Bethelehem, this past weekend. It was wonderful, with very authentic-type costumes, settings, very historic and a wonderful, wonderful presentation.

Rants to restaurants: It sure would be nice if several restaurants would set aside the hours of 4 p.m. until closing every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening for adults to enjoy a quiet meal without having to listen to a child or children screaming, crying and running everywhere while parents act like they're not even there. There are lots of restaurants for children, there are restaurants where children eat free in a specified time frame. Surely even parents would love to go out on a dinner date and not hear other children having a tantrum.

I wish people would stop staring and turning up their noses at my children, because I'm black and their mom is white. It upsets them.

Why is it that the drivers in Waynesboro will not obey the speed zone at the high school? 65 miles per hour between school hours is just wrong. Where are the local police while this is going on?

A big rant to Tax Commissioner Steven Kendrick! Have you found that missing $25,000 from the safe yet?

Columnist Walter Williams asks, "Is Congress immoral?" In a word - YES!


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