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A big rave for Doneane Williams and her quest for life. She is an inspiration to all of us. She certainly has shown that determination and a "can do" attitude can achieve amazing results

Headline: "Bobby Jindal: Make Congress part time." Great idea! The Founding Fathers set up the original Congress to operate for only a few weeks every other year. It stayed that way a good while. Then somebody invented air conditioning and by then congressmen/senators had grown their egos enough to move to D.C. and actually live there more than in their home districts/states. Thus, what we have now is a Congress that represents the District of Columbia. They stopped representing us years ago.

I have read the comics almost all my life and one of the things that gets me is what goes on with Beetle Bailey and the abuse he takes from Sgt. Snorkel. It is time to put that to rest and let there be peace between them and stop the fighting. Set an example of peace between them and let them work together. If not, send them to Korea and let them fight against the communists.

The media is so quick to talk about jobs created in the Augusta area. A year or two ago there was a big buzz about the new Verizon call service center and how it will employ hundreds. Why doesn't the media talk about it now? Hours cut down to sometimes 30 minutes a day, workers quitting because they can't afford to drive to Augusta for a one-hour paycheck, only a skeleton salary crew running the show.

What this country really needs is a president who doesn't pardon the turkey.

Never thought that I would shout out a rave to Sarah Palin but when she put the blame for the economy on the past administration, I wanted to shout hooray even though I still won't vote for "nutsy ."

There is a "shortage of school bus drivers" in Richmond County. With such high unemployment, how can it be that people aren't flocking to those jobs? Can it be that Americans have already become so worthless, they'd rather take a government handout than take a government job?

Carjackings at Augusta Mall, stabbings in front of Best Buy, two girls shot dead and dumped, a man shot in the face. This whole town will look as prosperous as Detroit in no time at all.

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