Empty Stocking Fund Donations

Previously acknowledged $13,822.40


Anonymous $100

In memory of Ralph and Wedge 10

Marita and Dennis Moberg 100

Robert Kirkwood 400

Margaret Miles 100

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Bland 100

Anonymous 25

In memory of Herman and Lula Mae Allen 50

Alexander Mura 30

Pa and Granny Holt, In loving memory of Kayla Nicole Swearinger Holt 15

Kristen, Kellie, Kacy Big Man Shane, from Pa and Granny Holt 15

W.B. Salter 25

In memory of Stanly IV 50

Dorothy and Luther Hall 25

Gerald and Marilou Jilbert Jr. 25

Mr. and Mrs. William Pearson 10

Anonymous 15

In loving memory of my dogs who loved Christmas. Cocoa, L.B., Brandy, Molly, Jake, Glenda, Misty and Miss K, from Gene and Patti 50

Charles and Edith Mayer 50

Marguerite Fogleman 20

In memory of our Parents 50

Marcia Ribble 10

In memory of my husband Ron Lotz 100

In memory of Barbara 30

Taylor 50

Marilyn and Dennis Altman 20

Marino Pelosi 50

In loving memory of my two best friends, Shirley Johnston and Wayne Boose 25

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, Leonard and Marilyn Syphrit 50

Dewitt Dent 20

D.R. Grossman 10

Ramon and Elba Almodovar 20

Paul and Carol Gage 25

"Ponce, PR" 60

In honor of Zach, Aaron, Caleb, Jonahan, AbiGrace, Sarah Kate Washington 300

In memory of Clifford and Virginia Washington and Helen Loper 100

In honor of B. Byrd 25

Life is not about me 100

Suzanne Pritchett 25

In memory of George A. Holley Jr. 25

William Thomas Jr. 50

Bill Wagner 25

James Wilson 50

Chuck Campbell and Harriet Campbell 50

Karlette Butler 20

Charlie and Esther Henderson 10

Robert Ross 20

Gregory and Judith Harshfield 100

Jack and Michael Boos 50

Robert and Ghadam Matz 50

Homer and "Jo" Pickens 50

Pamela Johnson 10

Frank Rollins 100

Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sylvester 50

Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Bower 20

Paul and Susan Andrews 20

Dorothy and Alan Jacobson 25

In name of our grandchildren Natalie Hansbro and Daniela Harris 25

Tedd and Nancy Antonacci 135

Bill Beazley Homes, Inc. 250

Robert and Dawn Paris 25

Donald and Janet Reynolds 100

Brenda Creswell 100

Women's Veterans Club of the CSRA 25

Anonymous 100

Lorraine Seeby 20

In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Thomas 200

In honor of my Mother 100

"In honor of Koby and Kaden" 200

Gracie and Michael Joyce 25

Shirley Wallace 25

In memory of Ted Gilmer, from Hazel Gilmer and Family 50

In memory of Anna Lois Reed and Johnny Sims 50

Colleen and Lonnie Hergott 100

Rebecca Evans and Carlos Coulson 100

William Yarborough Jr. 50

Robert and Cheryl Smith 12

Cecelia and Richard Stuhler 50

Francis and Luann Tedesco 100

Johnny and Kimbery Watkins 15

Richard and Patricia Howard 25

Allen and Candace Slavens 100

Madhavi and Nilesh Chokshi 25

Henry Hicks III 25

Geoffrey and Nancy Wells 200

Lloyd and Carol Lewis 50

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scaggs 25

In memory of Louise K. Dickson 1,000

Obed and Doris Cramer 25

In remembrance of Elaine K. Graham 500

Leketa Morgan 20

Total today $6,862

Total this year $20,684.40