Rants & Raves

When the 112th Congress meets in January to discuss tax cuts, health care, treaties, etc., important issues may be put on hold until members can resolve an 1837 House Rule barring members from wearing hats inside the chamber when doing the people's business. Apparently incoming new Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (D-Fla.) has said barring her from wearing her signature hats on the floor is "sexist" and discriminates against her. Let the 112th Congressional battles begin.


Parking downtown is a hassle! A beautiful 90,000-square-foot library was built with less parking than what was available at the old library building. What will library patrons do when the old library is used for something else? Why not demolish the old Talking Book Center building since it is sitting there rotting? Is it too much to ask the city leaders to use a little common sense? How can you attract more people to the downtown Augusta area with NO places to park?

I grew up in southern Louisiana, and down there we had a pretty bad reputation for stinky local politics. But since moving here to Augusta, I have to say y'all take the cake.

Iran blames Israel for "a pair of daring bomb attacks that killed one nuclear scientist and wounded another in...Tehran..." It couldn't have been Israel, or both would have been killed.

What comes after millions, billions and trillions in government debt? COLLAPSE!

A rant to Richmond County Sheriff's Department: If you're going to pay the deputies to direct traffic at Fort Gordon Gates 1 & 2, it would be helpful for them to GET OUT OF THEIR CAR and do just that! Sitting there watching people run red lights isn't doing anything! They might as well just be sleeping in their patrol cars ... and maybe they are!

This is a rant for all you men out there that have those loud mufflers on your trucks or cars. Guess what? Nobody wants to hear that except you, especially at 6 in the morning when you drive through the neighborhoods. So, to keep from disturbing other people, get a CD of that noise and play it to yourself - over and over!

My condolences go out to the families of the two young girls who were brutally murdered on Thanksgiving. It takes real men to kill two defenseless teenage girls. And it will take a real man to man up and lead the police to them so they can be gotten off the streets and put behind bars - hopefully to never breathe another breath of freedom.