Empty Stocking Fund donations



Previously acknowledged $6,157.40

In memory of John by Tom, Cynthia, Catherine Ritt $100

Elizabeth Blanchard 100

C. Wayne and Deborah Cooper 100

Robert and Doris Rowland 10

Richard and Barbara Woodring 50

"The Boerner Family" 100

Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hootman 100

In loving memory of Linda 25

In memory of Bill and Dimitri 30

Anonymous 50

Jacquelyn and Robert Powell 10

Albert and Nancy Carr 100

Charles and Jerry Reeves 50

In memory of Arthur Doolittle from Margie Doolittle 25

Andrew and Gwen Chandler 50

Dwight and Massimilla Townsend 50

In loving memory of Mr. Joe Kardos and Mr. Eddie Taylor 100

William and Katherine Lowish 20

Walter and Marilyn Moore 100

David and Jacquelyn Hogan 100

Barbara and John Patrick 50

Ella Mae and Rex Thomas 10

Jane and Bill 50

P.M. and J. French 20

Whitney Pickett 50

Howard and June Rosier 10

Jack Ellenberg 25

Jerry Pearson 20

Jose and Lynnette Bauza 100

Anonymous 50

Dan, Jan and Hannah Hillman 50

Tokiko Altee 10

Joe and Shirley Mongold 50

John and Dina Biddlecome 25

Hannelore and Clifton Spygley 100

Anonymous 100

J.C. and Ellen Douglas 50

From Julia and Sonny Gaston, In honor of Elizabeth and Sam Gaston 25

Don and Jane Winchester 100

Bennett and Mary Howell 25

Daniel and Linda Severance 50

In memory of Eugene Grove 25

D. and A. Ristine 10

Lewis and Judy Vann 50

Anonymous 200

Monty and Anna Ethridge 50

Mr. and Mrs. Frank E. Howard 25

Craig and Margaret Ellis 50

Robert and Barbara Rowe 25

Harold and MaryAnne Bourne 300

Carolyn and George Ogles 25

W.R. and P.O. Backus 25

Bhanu Patel 25

Mr. and Mrs. Douglas J. Mattscheck 250

Mary and Edward Nisbet 25

In memory of Richard Sconyers 100

Anonymous 25

David and Shirley Schulte 100

Bettadapura and Vijayalakshmi Manjunath 10

Fred and Margaret Williams 100

Bruce and Pat Pirnie 25

In loving memory of my brother, Dewey F. Terry 50

Dolores Winslett 25

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Martin 100

Charles Hafey 25

Rufus and Gwendolyn Hixon 50

Sylvia Head 30

In loving memory of Robert W. Gay and Bettye Ella Valeria James Reid 200

Anonymous 5

Leontine Johnson 5

Total today $4,175

Total this year $10,332.40