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RANT TO COLUMBIA COUNTY. I understand the need for speed bumps in neighborhoods. However, I think you seriously overdid it with my neighborhood. I have to go over 10 speed bumps to get out of one entrance. I've lived in this house for 27 years, I walk daily and I've never seen any speeders. We did just fine without them. Not arguing against them. I just think there are WAY too many WAY too close together.

THE RANTS by Lori Davis on Harrisburg have caused an increase in drug traffic in the area.

IF YOU ARE TOO afraid to go to the Augusta Mall then I suggest you move to Disney World.

WHAT'S WITH THE "news" media? A month ago they were all over a mine catastrophe in Chile. Now a similarly dangerous mine problem in New Zealand and hardly a word. Does the media like Chile but not New Zealand? What's the difference?

NORTH KOREA ATTACKS and what does Obama do? He "sought to build diplomatic pressure on the North..." The North is a country of dying/starving people who are under the heel of a self-deluded maniac. How does one put pressure on a people who cannot be pressured any more than their own leader does?

BIG, FRONT-PAGE HEADLINE: "It's already looking like Christmas," but not once is the name Jesus used in the story. Without Jesus, there IS NO CHRISTMAS!

ALL LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT are now controlled by incompetent boobs, e.g., whoever runs the Coliseum Authority hired a private company to sell tickets, etc., then promised that company "incentive pay." That is totally absurd. A private company is supposed to do such a good job that it earns whatever piece of the action it originally agreed to. The headline should read: "Richmond taxpayers got snookered again."

WACHOVIA IN North Augusta has got to be the slowest branch in the CSRA. It's ridiculous.

GRIFFIN, GA., HAS A clock just like the clock down on Broad Street. Maybe the gentlemen there that can keep it running could fix the one in Augusta.

I LOVE AND HONOR the Brown family for what they have done for decades. But they should have more respect for themselves and more respect and honorability for their father than to air their dirty laundry about feuding between theirselves about the estate, especially in a time like this.

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT right. Lord's Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance need to be back in all school. Plus, the heck with Korea. It's something that goes on all the time.

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