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RAVE FOR THE USA. This Thanksgiving I am thankful to live in a country where I am free and opportunity abounds. Let's just do our best to keep it.

I WOULD LIKE to thank my father, 88 years old, who passed away Nov. 3. Dad, thank you for a fine life and being a fine father. From a fellow veteran, your son Jim. I love you. Take care.

THIS IS A RAVE for the two gentlemen on Peach Orchard Road who stopped and helped my husband and daughter put the wood into our truck. It's good to know that there are still kind people in the world. God bless you both.

A HUGE RAVE to the Augusta Richmond County Historical Society for commissioning filmmaker Mark Albertin to produce War Stories -- Augusta Area Veterans Remember World War II . It is a treasured tribute.

A RAVE FOR Richmond County Deputy Ronnie Phillips for saving a man's life at Kmart North Augusta while doing some off-duty shopping. That CPR class really paid off for someone. Great job!

I'M GLAD TO be an American. I'm glad to live in Aiken.

A WONDERFUL RAVE for the young lady, Betsy, who calls bingo at the Evans McDonald's on Thursday mornings. She is just wonderful, and all of us love her.

SUPER RAVE FOR a nice woman at Fort Gordon (didn't get your name) who found my wallet in the parking lot at the PX. Now I know that there are still some wonderful honest people out here. Thanks again. You will get it back tenfold.

THIS IS A RAVE for two Fort Gordon soldiers, Spcs. Ivey and Story. They came to my aid when I was trying to fix a flat and could not get the lugs off. During their lunch hour they stopped by my truck, they came over, were able to get the lugs off and crawled under my truck and put the jack on. They went so far as to change my tire. What a nice pair of people they were. Their parents should be proud of them for the way they have been raised. They speak highly for the service people out at Fort Gordon, also. I asked them if I might treat them to a lunch, and they declined. What a nice couple of young soldiers they are. Again, a public rave to these two young people.

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