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I left the Riverhawks for dead like most people I know ... but kudos to the new GM because I am finally seeing advertisements around town and in papers for them and beer specials and promos brought back. I thought this would be one and done, but I might actually go to a game.

Raves to the Augusta State Jaguars for a great home basketball opener with victories to both the men's and Lady Jaguar teams. What a delight to see the Lady Jaguars play with athleticism and energy throughout the entire game. To all the fans who left before the second game, you missed out on the start of a new era for the Lady Jags. I can't wait to see them in action at the next game. Welcome and thanks , coach Teymer. Go, Jags!

Dr. Ricardo Azziz is exactly the kind of leader that the front-line staff at MCG have been "hungry" for. We have ideas and thoughts about how to make MCG the hospital of choice, but have had our ideas brushed off by administrators with the attitude of " We've always done it this way." I really hope he will follow some of his implementation principles such as Foster Innovation and Leadership. We really need to get some people off of the bus and get the right ones on that are willing to think outside of the box. Hats off to you , Dr. Azziz , for giving the staff a glimmer of hope.

Bullying is allowed to go on at Hephzibah Middle School. I have been a volunteer for the past two years and witnessed the principal tell the staffers not to write up bullying - it is teasing. I also heard him tell the staffers they could get on his bus or get out. Of course, their hands are tied ; they have family and need their job. Seems to me he is the bully.

A rant for moving Books-A-Million. Where is it? It's my family's favorite bookstore in Augusta, even the ones who come from out of town. What did you do with it?

The area and world lost a great one in Jimmy Knight. So many simple, easy things he did and pushed and for the area and youths . It's unbelievable. We're going to tremendously miss him. Do something for him. Name the area down there or something. Show appreciation for the children and coaches in the area now that he brought up and pushed with his wonderful program. Good luck, and we'll miss you, Jimmy.

This is a rant for MCG pertaining to traffic lights. If they would concentrate on how to cycle the traffic lights, they wouldn't have to have crossing guards and they wouldn't have to talk about closing streets.

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