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PARENTS SEND THEIR children to school sick because they are punished if they call in sick. People are scared of losing their jobs in this economy, and employers know it.

WHEN WILL TOBACCO be illegal to grow? Since thousands die from smoking, it would be appropriate to fine those growing it. I know it's a big tax money program that the government doesn't want to lose, yet it wants to ban smoking everywhere.

TO THE PERSON WHO STOLE my scooter in North Augusta. It took me two years to get that scooter. Because of my disability I can't drive anything else. And you steal it! What would your mother think?

AMEN TO THE RANT about the folks who cross Walton Way in the middle of the block, sometimes standing in the turn lane waiting for the traffic to clear. This happens all over Augusta. On Wrightsboro Road between Damascus Road and Jackson Road intersections, the speed limit is 45 mph, but even that doesn't deter crossers from playing dodge-the-car morning, noon and night.

A BIG "THANK YOU" rave to the powers that be who smoothed out the right turn off Washington Road onto Berckmans Road. A month or so ago I sent in a "rant" asking if something could be done ... and it was! We go that way to church and so many other places in our normal day to day life. Thank you so much!

DFCS IS NOT AN EASY place to work. Nothing but complaints, lies and excuses from customers: Don't give me an 8 a.m. appointment; I can't come till after my story's on TV; why do I have to show you a pay stub? I told you what I make.

IT IS THAT TIME OF year again. The time when 95 percent of the people around here will be celebrating Christmas. On TV, on the radio, in magazines, and in catalogs, we will be urged to buy "holiday gifts," "season's gifts" or some other nondescript, insipid form of seasonal description. Retailers use these lame euphemisms because they don't want to offend the 5 percent of our population who do not celebrate Christmas. Seems to me that the merchants would market to the 95 percent rather than the 5 percent.

WHAT A HOOT! I WENT downtown to Augusta to try out a restaurant I had heard about. The restaurant was sitting next to a sleazy strip joint and next door to it was a sanctuary that taught ministries. Where else except Augusta could you make a night out of it by sinning in the strip club, going next door to get saved, and then eating dinner before you go home! Yeah we need a new stadium! I think it should be built next to a bar and police station. You could go to the bar and get tanked, go to the game and get crazy, and when the police arrest you they don't have that far to take take you to jail!

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