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STOP THE RICHMOND County Christmas party. If it was for the county employees, that would be good, but it's not. A lot of county employees stopped going because outsiders were taking over. Say, you have 100 employees come to the party. They bring one guest, which makes 200 people, but 500 people showed up at the party! Why? Because people that do not go give their tickets to others. An employee may pick up two or three more tickets and give them to family, neighbors and friends. The next thing you know, you have more nonemployees at the party than you do employees.

A BIG RAVE to your Bill Kirby. I thought I was the only one that hit the mute button during sporting events. Sports announcers are very irritating. Thank you, Bill.

WHY IS A STRIP SEARCH without probable cause a violation of the 4th Amendment everywhere except our nation's airports?

THE CRIME IN AUGUSTA is getting so crazy that maybe Ronnie Strength might need to call Fort Gordon for backup.

SO SORRY TO HEAR about another animal being killed on Belair Road again. It can happen on any road in Columbia County, Richmond County, but it's still sad. People, we've got to be more careful, and we have to watch over our pets better. We can't let them run loose. If we let them out, we got to stay with them or we got to walk them on leashes or keep them in fenced in areas. We let them out and let them go on their own, they may not come back home.

WHAT'S WITH ALL of the ranters complaining about people running over cats in the road? Isn't the problem the cats actually being in the road? There needs to be a leash law for all animals. I'm tired of cats and dogs running out in front of me, especially when I'm on my motorcycle.

I HAVE TO LAUGH every time I see a college football coach flanked by three middle-aged, overweight highway patrolmen trot to midfield after a game. I played college football 50 years ago, and you didn't see Bobby Dodd or Wally Butts with armed protection during a game. Today, if one these multimillion-dollar coaching divas needs protection, let a couple of the 300-pound players who can bench 500 pounds stay at his side; and put the police back on the streets directing traffic where they belong.

A BIG RAVE for Frank Roberson, the new Richmond County school superintendent, for raising expectations for school performance. It's now up to the teachers and parents to make this goal a reality. It's only a matter of time before the naysayers, the unions and the "it can't be done" crowd come out of the woodwork, but don't listen to them this time.

THIS IS A RAVE to the University Health Care System for putting on the Diabetes Expo at the Warren Baptist Church. It was well organized, and the presentations by the doctors were first class. Thank you for educating us on this important topic.

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