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BIG RAVE and thanks go out to law enforcement for getting one of the drug dealers off of Alden Drive. The drugs and stealing had gone on far too long. People in this community deserve to live in peace. Keep up the great work!

HOW MANY taxpayers know that DFCS employees are terminated for reporting foodstamp fraud? Taxpayers, your money is being wasted and it's by more people than you think.

THERE IS NOW a royal engagement. Big deal. They've been living together for years.

FRESHMEN congressmen are being taught "ethics" by the incumbents. What?

THE U.S. government owns General Motors Corp. Now our government plans to sell new stock in the company. Anybody stupid enough to partner with the U.S. government deserves to lose.

THE COLUMBIA County Amphitheater at the Town Center Park should be called "Ryan Clark Memorial Amphitheater." Ryan was from Columbia County, was a musician and was a hero who died trying to save others.

SENATORS SAXBY and Isakson claim to be against earmarks while at the same time being for them. If you want to hold elective office, first you must be an expert at double talk.

A PATHETIC RANTER calls opposers of Obama "ignorant" and "untrained." When an American visits abroad, he has no duty to bow to anybody, and that certainly goes for a U.S. president. Has that ranter even been abroad, or did he get his education from Saturday morning TV? It is NEVER correct for a U.S. president to bow to anybody but to the American people; and Obama has NEVER bowed to us.

RANT TO Columbia County for putting a ridiculous amount of speed bumps in areas that never needed them in the first place. My mom had a stroke and we had to call 911. According to the ambulance driver, it took 5 extra minutes to get to the back of the neighborhood because they can't go more than 5 mph over those speed bumps. Apparently, it'll ruin the ambulance and cause all of the supplies in the back to fall everywhere. Then they had to get back out of the neighborhood which wasted another 5 minutes. That's a total of 10 minutes wasted just going through the neighborhood. They need to be removed! Totally a safety issue and complete waste of taxpayer dollars.

SCREENINGS AND pat downs at airports are necessary for the safety of all passengers. Here's one old boy that would go naked if it would help secure the plane. And I'm sure that others feel the same way. We need the screening and we need the pat downs.

KEEP YOUR PETS out of the road! I had two dogs run out in front of me while on my motorcycle this morning. I wonder if the dogs' owner would pay my medical bills if I hit it and lost control of my motorcycle.

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