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ANOTHER ANIMAL HIT on Belair Road. Not mine this time, but our neighbors' dog. The cars that were trying to avoid hitting the dog's body were honked at by other drivers, who ran over and over the dog. As my husband was moving the poor dog's body out of the road he was almost hit. There is a major speeding problem on Belair (right after Wrightsboro). I am really sick of it and will be harassing the police department to start monitoring and ticketing these drivers. I don't need a radar gun to know that these cars are going well over the posted 40 mph.

JUST WANT TO RANT about female clerks at grocery stores and Kmart giving discounts to men who are not senior citizens and bonus points to some and not others.

MOST OF TODAY'S federal government is unconstitutional, thus it is illegal; and the professional politicians keep piling on more. Even now, the Republican incumbents talk about "not raising taxes," when they should be talking about cutting taxes, cutting spending and cutting government size down to no more than 20% of its present size. Americans are finally waking up. Soon, one hopes, it will no longer be possible to make a career out of office-holding.

RANTS TO LOCAL commissioners, you mean nobody in the area can fix a stupid clock? I don't think they really asked any further than their buddies. Give it to a German. They can make or repair anything.

WHO ARE THESE untrained, ignorant ranters who think it is kowtowing in any way to show respect by bowing in certain countries or to certain people? When you visit abroad and are properly educated to the customs of the lands visited, you behave in a civilized way as they do. People need a real life if they can only ridicule our president when he does the correct thing.

A RANT FOR the McDuffie County Roads crew for apparently subcontracting out the filling of a 2-foot-wide, 6-inch-deep pothole. The first repair/patch lasted about two weeks. This time, the pothole is now a 2-foot-wide, 6-inch-high "speed bump."

RAVE TO GOLDEN Corral on Bobby Jones for providing meals for area veterans and active duty personnel. Rave to Greenbrier High School Junior NROTC for assisting at Golden Corral. Rant to those wannabe veterans who were not veterans.

RANT FOR THE TSA. When body scanners were proposed, I cautioned all that the images would be leaked and everyone said it was worth it for security. Just Google "One Hundred Naked Citizens" to see the first big leak. An Indian actor's body scan was recently saved and sold. This is a very bad thing for privacy; our most personal images are in the hands of the government and, even scarier, sadistic government employees.

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