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THIS IS TO THE man in the new-looking red convertible. If I were you, I would return it. Evidently, it doesn't have turn signals since you didn't bother to use them twice while turning in front of me.

SCHWARZENEGGER SAYS to Leno, "No one cares if you smoke a joint or not." I absolutely agree with him. Think about it. Won't we stop some of the violence due to the drug wars? Won't we be able to tax it? Won't we be able to save millions of dollars now being used to prosecute people with small amounts?

A RANT TO EVERYONE trying to blame children's obesity on the fast-food chains. Do we not hold parents accountable for these decisions? Parents need to take responsibility and say no. Our kids shouldn't run our households!

NOW OBAMA IS BOWING in the Indian Parliament. Why does Obama insist on bowing to Arab princes, Indian Parliaments, etc.? Who does Obama worship? If he wants to bow to Jesus, he can do that anywhere, but is there even one instance when Obama has bowed to Jesus as he does to foreigners?

I WANT TO KNOW how a public school in Columbia County (Harlem High School to be more specific) can win eight Regions in a row in One Act Play Competition and win five Georgia State One Act Championships, YET there is never anything written about their accomplishments. But every time you open your newspaper, you see something about Davidson Fine Arts whom HARLEM has BEATEN for the last eight years in a row (maybe more) and Harlem gets NO recognition. How much money are they paying you? BE FAIR FOR A CHANGE and quit with the school politics.

RANT ABOUT two loose dogs at Lock and Dam behind Bush Field -- one about to have puppies, the other, black lab is the father is running loose.

DEAR PARENTS: We are tired of disciplining your children, showing them right from wrong and teaching them home training. Please start doing your job because we are burned out. Sincerely, your child's teacher.

THE TWO PURSUITS of crime/reduction and redevelopment shouldn't be competitors but they are in Augusta. They are putting the cart before the horse. Augustans are suffering because of this.

THE FEDERAL reserve is making a bad mistake. Our money should be backed with gold. I just can't understand this whole thing. It's ridiculous. And by the way, I can't wait until 2012 so we can get Mr. Obama out of office.

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