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A RANT TO parents who send their kids to school sick. If your child wakes up with a fever, don't give them medicine and send them to school, KEEP THEM HOME. Not only do others get sick from your contagious child, other parents have to miss work and stay home with their sick child. Don't be so selfish, keep your sick child home and YOU miss a day of work.

MODERN POLITICIANS AND THEIR WIVES are so filled with their own importance, they think they can do anything they want to. Apparently, the wife of Georgia politician Tyrone Brooks thinks so much of herself, she figures she can skew the law and walk away from it, and all this in a murder case, the most serious felony there is.

LET THE S.C. election between Alvin Greene and DeMint prove something: That if have an ignorant candidate and an undesirable one, there will be a lot of voters who feel they'd rather have the ignorant one over the undesirable one. Candidates, better shape up!

WHY DO THEY NEED 20 individuals and an executive search firm to find a new chancellor of the University System of Georgia? Yes, it's an important position but can you imagine the money that is about to be spent especially in these bad economic times.

the mentality of some people who think that any person riding a bike along a country road deserves to be run down because they put themselves in harm's way. Ahh! excuse me but public roads are just that, to be used by the public, whether using a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, horse and buggy, or walking. Especially law-abiding, productive, taxpaying people.

I WAS CONSIDERING moving back to Augusta from northern Virginia. But, the recent mayoral election has convinced me that Augusta is still stuck in the past and is not interested in change. No thank you! I'll stay where I am.

FOLKS, PLEASE stay away from Lottery scratch-offs. My husband spent $500 in six months and won Nothing. If I can help save just one poor sucker from throwing away their money, I will be happy.

LORI DAVIS WAS clearly the best choice for mayor. I guess Augusta-Richmond County will always be stuck in the past. Now I know why I live in Columbia County.

RANTS TO THE Richmond County Board of Education. With so much being said about bullying, drugs and porn in our schools, maybe you should take a look at who's overseeing our kids. You have a married high school principal who is having an affair and everyone turns a blind eye. This really sends a bad message.

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