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ANY JUDGE WHO rules that a religion, e.g., Islam, can move in and become the law, superseding the constitutional law, has committed treason and should be arrested and tried.

I GUESS LANEY ALUMNI are satisfied now that they got their wish to move Mrs. Beasley. Dr. Mason ... pray before entering the school each and every day because the alumni vultures are already circling the school waiting for you.

PERFORMANCE MY FOOT. Mrs. Beasley was doing an excellent job. Laney alumni are the culprits.

A RANT TO THE ranter who said that they would vote for any politician who would ban booming cars. ... Tough luck for the next four years. We are stuck with meek Deke. Disruptive, ragging, booming cars will be the order of the days ahead!

HEADLINE: "Obama is in search of jobs on India trip." Maybe they'll give him one.

YOUR ECONOMICS STORY mentions that the U.S. has become a "mainly service economy." That's because politicians and their bigshot backers -- ever since Bush One -- forced, with shady tax laws, production companies to move their actual production overseas, carrying the manufacturing jobs out of the U.S.

BILL CLINTON WAS a master at hiding his liberalism but Barak Obama wears his radical left wing agenda on his sleeve. Thank you, Obama, for make it possible for Republicans to take so many Democratic House, Senate and governor seats. The American people have been awakened by the over the top arrogance of the Democratic party.

THE NEW "thing" to do at Augusta Mall is to actually have someone stand in a parking space and hold it for you. Really???

WHAT A SHAME that Nancy Pelosi got kicked out of her position as speaker of the House. She barely had time to begin "draining the swamp," which was one her promises nearly four years ago. Good riddance I say!

I THINK THAT the "global warming" problem is self correcting with all the volcanic activity in the world. So, we don't need to spend billions or trillions to bring the world temperatures down a partial percentage point. If it keeps going we may need to stock up on wood to stay warm.

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