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CONGRATS ON THE latest GOP win. So here is the deal: Let's never raise taxes, improve the armed forces, have to keep government out of my way. Still have to have my Social Security and my Medicare (nobody but mine,) Keep tax cuts, lower the debt, Increase jobs and repeal health care. And above all -- stay tuned to Rush Limbaugh. How does that happen? We have no idea.

RANTS TO THE CHRONICLE for turning the comments section into an "I am OK, you are OK, everybody be nice section." I have noticed lately there are far fewer posters and far fewer opinions actually expressed for fear of being banned until you consent to the demands of the all-high censor.

A RANT FOR parents that call the sheriff's office because they have a child that won't do what they tell them. People, please. The police have a lot more important things to worry about than raising your children! If you can't discipline your children, then you have no business being a parent! The police are protectors and peacekeepers, not baby sitters!

THIS IS A RAVE for Councilmen John Thigpen and the Rev. Rudolph Dixon. Congrats on winning the election in Harlem and on defeating Melanie Daphie. The voters of Harlem have spoken, and the citizens look forward to your continued quality leadership as Harlem moves into its golden years.

RANTS TO THE Richmond County roads department. What is so wrong with Wrightsboro Road that it has to wait so long before it is repaved? I mean there are parts that will beat you to death, and dips by the airport that will lift your tires off the ground and send your head to the roof! I believe every road close by has been paved already. Does it have a curse or something?

WANTED TO THANK THE people that were driving in front of me on Brown Road in Hephzibah on Nov. 5, who without regard ran over a black and white cat. You looked in your rear view mirror after running the cat over seeing the animal flipping in the air and rolling in the street. Though the cat didn't die immediately, I sat with it as it passed. Shame on you. If I didn't care about the cat, I would have focused on your tag number and reported this incident.

IT IS TIME FOR us to call it like it is about the former principal, Ms. Beasley. Lucy Laney High school should not be blamed for her placement at the school. Since she has been exposed and shown that she was incompetent to get the job done, now she has been promoted to a higher position to further destroy our children. Why do we continue to reward incompetence? We can no longer place companionship/friendship ahead of our children's future. The best person for the job should override friendship. Dr. Mason, we are looking for great things. We know that you will go beyond the call of duty.

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