Rants & Raves

Comments from readers:


This is a RANT to retired people who just have to vote between 7 and 9 in the morning when you have ALL day long to vote. Working people usually vote during that time before they go to work and it makes us late. Please be considerate.

On its worst day ever, California is Nirvana relative to Georgia.

The word "incumbent" sounds an awful lot like "incompetent." There's a reason. Never forget it. The longer ANYBODY holds public office, the more incompetent and corrupt they become. It's the nature of humans given authority.

Oh boy! Election ads are over. Now back to news time ads for feminine protection products and male enhancement products!

Politicians get dumber every minute. Today (Monday 1 Nov) two taped phone calls came in. One said it was "personally" asking for a vote for somebody. Can a tape recording do anything "personally?" The other was calling to Georgia voters and the female speaker (another recording) spoke with a Yankee accent. Apparently, nowadays one doesn't get into politics without first being confirmed stupid.

To the 13-year-old brother of the child who was killed by a van/SUV: Remember that you are still young yourself and your brother was years younger. You saw he was doing wrong to go on out into the road in front of the vehicle and he and the vehicle could not stop. Don't feel guilty at all. Find your way to peace.

Babysitters may be expensive but it was unfair to other patrons of the District Honors concert to let the kids cry and fuss. And the adults who thought it was OK to shout out in the middle of songs were not a lot better. Can we please get some class, people?

To the lady thanking Jeffrey Heirs at Engine Co. 8, thank you for you're kind words! Jeffrey is an awesome firefighter, an excellent EMT and an ALL AROUND great guy!! The ambulance crews in Augusta appreciate him, too!

A big RAVE goes out to the Rev. Jerry Wilson, who after 32 years at the Central Baptist Church in South Augusta is retiring. Rev. Wilson and his family have been a loyal part of the South Augusta Community. He has married us, dedicated us, counseled us, baptised us, visited us, eulogized many and been a friend to so many of us. This faithful Man of God has delivered more than 2,000 sermons during Sunday Services, Wednesday Night Bible Study and Revivals and has helped hundreds and hundreds find salvation. Rev. Jerry will be greatly missed. God Bless You and Thanks for the memories and love.