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All the new Wachovia signs look like you are walking into a Title Pawn shop

How can the price of gas be 31 cents higher in Jackson than in North Augusta? What's going on?

I see the mayor wasted no time to get his face on TV to tout the Costco announcement. Too bad he didn't mention that we, the taxpayers, are giving them $10 million in sales tax dollars. And why can't Costco come to south Augusta, especially if we are paying them all this money to come here?

Headline: "65% Favor Getting Rid of Entire Congress and Starting Over." Amen! (And the same for state and local pols.)

Bravo to the responsible mothers lately who reported their children for illegal tattoos and for the horrifying act of burning a chicken alive with a blowtorch. A pox on those idiot sons.

Hooray for the recovery of the statue of a mother and child.

I would like to ask for Richmond County to please do something about speeding through our neighborhoods. It has gotten ridiculous. I am amazed more innocent people haven't been hurt. Need to meet your quota? Come to my neighborhood!

This is a rant for the Richmond County Tax Assessor office for raising my assessment and another rant for the Richmond County Board of Equalization members for siding with their colleagues' decision rather than using their own judg ment during the appeal.
To the employer who lost 17 bad workers: Don't give up. There are workers who are willing and able and not greedy for endless unemployment checks. I've worked 24 years to see a number of people unfortunately and dishonestly misrepresent themselves at the interview in order to get in and then not work hard for the money. So hang in there and the real workers are bound to hit and stay with your company.
Another godsend. My daughter and I were in the doctor's office on Oct. 4. I did not have money for my co-payment and this kind man came over and put his amount in my hand. I was so thankful to him and God. My daughter and I both cried tears of joy. I want to thank him more. When I came out of the doctor's exam room he was not there. I want to thank him more and let him know I will never forget him and I pray for him. Thanks to another angel. 

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