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Gov. Perdue is claiming credit for the state school graduation rate of 80 percent. Did Perdue teach anybody? Nope. All he did was set the goal for a B minus rather than for an A plus.

Why can't ASU just play The Patch and guarantee a fixed number of rounds per week? Instead of trying to buy the course. This would help the golf course deficit nicely.

In the sports section there's a story about a former Clemson Tiger helping another football tiger with a job at SRS. It's just another example of the good ole boys helping good ole boys. Goes on and on.

Obama keeps blaming Bush and the GOP for the messes he causes. He ignores the fact that Democrats were in power the last two years of the Bush administration.

I grew up in Augusta, but moved away almost 15 years ago. I was just in town for a funeral over the weekend. It was the first time I have been back to Augusta in almost five years. One of the first places I wanted to visit was Riverwalk. I was absolutely disgusted with what I saw there. This used to be the premier attraction for the Garden City. Now it has turned into an embarrassment. Shame on the leaders in Augusta for allowing it to get trashed like this!

A rant to all the taxpayer-funded government employees that are whining about furloughs. In the private sector, businesses depend on profits to survive and to provide jobs, benefits, etc. In the real economy we do not have furloughs. W e have layoffs.

The entrance into the city on Calhoun Expressway is a disgrace. Can't we get people doing community service to clean this up? We want people to move and invest in our community. Let's make sure or front doors are clean!!

To the person who stole $1,000 Saturday night from out-of-town guests while staying at the Partridge Inn, thank you for ruining a perfect day for our brand new in-laws while attending their son's wedding. What an impression you helped make on Southern hospitality and the attempt to revitalize downtown Augusta.

Politicians are strutting around about the 80 percent graduation rate in Georgia schools. It's ironic that public education today pumps out so much socialist garbage, a kid may actually be safer if he flunks. He won't have learned; then again, he won't have become so brainwashed.

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