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I'M SURE THERE ARE proud fathers that see their young children under 10 years old bring down a deer. I'd rather not see these kids with their trophies. There are too many shaking bushes shot by grown men that turn out to be another hunter. Would a kid under 10 think before shooting?

THE GREAT SHOWDOWN has begun! The 'Mother of all Midterm Elections' is under way -- the Left versus the Right, Good battling Evil. The war for the hearts and minds of the Republic is coming to another mandated outcome. Sure. Just like all the previous elections, the lobbyists are on the sidelines licking their chops in anticipation of more waste, fraud and abuse, and the citizens are left wondering what went wrong that caused their party to have lost.

THIS IS A RANT for the furlough days all Richmond County employees are having to take. What an awful time of year to impose this nonsense, so close to the holidays. These employees have families to feed and kids to buy Christmas for, but who cares as long as there is money in the budget for other ridiculous things. Really great idea to take road patrol deputies off the street, as we all know there has not been any crime committed this year.

SINCE I AM PAYING road taxes on my home in South Carolina, can someone please tell me how can I put wheels on it so I can pull it down the road?

THANK YOU, three fire department guys that came and changed my smoke detector off the ceiling. Keep doing a good job and I pray that y'all stay safe.

HATS OFF TO Historic Augusta and Lucy Laney Museum for the setup of the wonderful bus tour around town Saturday. There was so much to learn from several of the historians. I sure hope there will be tours more than once a year.

THE COUNTRY HAS gone crazy over Halloween. Drive through Thomson and see what I mean.

THIS IS A VERY BIG RAVE for the ladies that work up there at Kangaroo gas station in Belvedere. I left my wallet up there, and they made sure I got it back. There was no money missing. There was nothing missing. These people are awesome. It is so great to know we still have honest people in the world.

OBAMA'S DRIVE & REVERSE analogy is cute, but it holds no water. When a car is going toward a cliff (as our nation is), it needs to be put in reverse before it goes over the cliff.

WHY DID MY CHILD have to pay $10 to attend a carnival during homecoming week at Laney when the principal treated the teachers to a five star hotel stay during the summer?

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