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This is a message for the rider of that motorcycle on Concord Court in south Augusta. The residents out here are sick and tired of that noise from that motorcycle every afternoon doing 100 mph on our streets. So why don't you take it to Savannah River and run it off a cliff?

I see in the newspaper where Marion Williams is running again. Dear Lord, help us. We do not need him downtown in anything anymore. He is a troublemaker. He's a combustion person. He just keeps something going all the time. Please, can't we do without him? ... Think about the past.

It's sad that elderly people who live on a pension and worked 30, 40, 50 years to get it by paying in Social Security have to go without a cost - of - living raise so that Nancy Pelosi can fly her private plane back and forth across the country several times a week. That is such a disgrace it makes you sick.

At a book store the other day I noticed the two best - sellers were cookbooks and diet books. One book tells you how to cook good food and the other book tells you how not to eat it.

The Calhoun Expressway is unbelievably filled with litter. We must do something about it. It is the gateway into downtown Augusta. It is totally filled with litter.

This is a big rave for all the people that drive through the Walton Landing subdivision and playing that loud noise. Keep on doing it. We're writing down your license plate numbers and turning it over to the police. Tickets will be coming.

This is about a mother and daughter. Myself and my daughter were in court this past week and were absolutely, truly blessed by an angel. She was there for two traffic tickets and was going to jail because she didn't go prepared. Please tell this man how wonderfully blessed we feel for him being there. God bless this wonderful man that gave the court $200 that kept my daughter out of jail. I know you said you just moved into town, but what a wonderful, wonderful person you are and I hope Augusta is as good to you as you are.

Sylvia Cooper, you are my main woman. ... You're amazing. I'm in love with you. I'd marry you if you wasn't married. The reason: You're an outstanding woman. I love your articles. You keep up the good work. Every day I read the paper you've got something different and unique. You ought to be running the paper. As a matter of fact, you ought to be the mayor. You would really definitely straighten out a lot of people.

A huge rant to the city of Augusta for hiring and retaining as employees convicted murderers, sex offenders and drug dealers. Unbelievable. Boy do I feel good about who is serving our community, not to mention safe.


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