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Radar Capital of South Carolina, Jackson, use some of that ticket money to fix all the potholes on Highway 125.

Why on earth are there so many crooks being paid by our city? Do we not have enough non-lazy unemployed people who are willing to get off the numerous extensions of unemployment checks for a city job with some benefits?

This is a rant for the solid waste department. I can understand why there is so much litter around Richmond County. It's because they only pick up what they want to when they want to and when they feel like it. I've had two tires out by the curb for two weeks. They've left them. No note. No reason why. They just didn't want to pick them up, I guess.

This is a rant. My wife and I went to see the movie Secretariat at one of the local theaters. Cost of movie was $7 a piece with senior citizens discount; reasonable charge I think. Unreasonable was the $17.50 charge for two medium drinks and a medium bag of popcorn ... drinks $5 a piece, popcorn $7 . It would be wise to ask the price before ordering anything if it's not displayed. Bitter taste put a damper on a good movie.

A rave of appreciation to Armondo and Ken for taking time out of their busy schedules to change a flat tire for a frazzled female in Grovetown. Thank you, gentlemen!

This is a Rave for two gentlemen who helped me unlock my running car at the UPS Office off of Gordon Highway. I really appreciate their help and taking their time to assist me. I did not get their names, but I did want to thank them very much.

Political correctness has completely taken over government, even local governments, e.g., the Equal Employment Commission that believes government has the right to tell a private employer whom he must hire, even if that un-hired person is a criminal.

Keep "Deke the Meek"? Sorry, but not this time. I'm going with the "Steel Magnolia."

This is a rave for the support of south Augusta and especially on Peach Orchard Road. We need more restaurants open to the public 24 hours. We need more shopping. We need better convenience in our parking. There are many improvements that we can make, and especially on Peach Orchard Road.

I've been voting in Georgia gubernatorial races for 50 plus years and I've got to admit this year, with the choices we have, I might just skip it.

Regarding the incident with the Richmond County officer at Murphey Middle School. I don't believe he should've been fired. I don't believe he acted excessively. I have three children and if one of them acted like this girl did, I would want them to be treated that way.

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