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REPUBLICANS ARE SENDING out notices saying we need to "repeal ObamaCare and replace it with common-sense reform..." Repeal Obamacare? Absolutely! Replace it with something else? No way! Get government out of health care and keep it out.

THIS IS A HUGE RANT for all those that came up with the ridiculous notion that Halloween should be celebrated on any other day than Oct. 31.

THIS IS A MESSAGE to the residents of Fox Run subdivision in Columbia County. I am tired of all the fighting going on in the street. The adults are fighting. The children are fighting. There's cussing and fussing and crazy driving in our streets. ... I'm tired of it. I'm going to start calling the police. This is ridiculous. In the last week three different families have fought in the street and this is going to stop.

THERE'S NO WAY any federal judge should have the power to intervene or have any legal authority in matters relative to who the United States military chooses to serve as soldiers. The military is not an employer per se and should not be subject to equal-opportunity or discrimination statutes. The military is not some social experiment.

I JUST RECEIVED a notice that my prescription drug insurance premiums will more than double next year.

KUDOS TO SYLVIA and Sandy for the great research work they did to ferret out the criminals on the city work force. Rants against the hirers of the crooks who let them get away with committing crimes and being paid for it on city clocks where many hardworking people are paying more fees and suffering furloughs.

THIS IS A RAVE for Bonnie, a Walmart sales associate in North Augusta. Bonnie went out of her way to help a desperate mom find the price of a headband so my daughter could have the perfect outfit for spirit week. Thank you, Bonnie and Assistant Manager Dan. You have proven to me that customer service is not a thing of the past!

THIS IS A HUGE RANT to the lady I encountered a few weeks ago at the Greeneway ... (whose) dogs dragged you across the grass to attack my dog and myself ... Screaming "They aren't vicious" as they are barreling after us with teeth showing and mouths foaming is not reassuring.

THIS IS A RANT for whoever damaged most of the road signs from Evans to Locks up Stevens Creek toward Old Stevens Creek and all the way up Blackstone Camp Road. If there are any witnesses I hope they will come forward, and the person responsible will have to clean every one of the signs and do more community service. He/she obviously has much too much time and freedom.

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