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THE VANDALS HAVE been hitting us in Brookshire off Meadowbrook Drive too. I have had to scrub my mailbox twice to remove the spray paint, and it does not come off easily. I hope they catch these punks and make them clean all of the mailboxes they vandalized.

THIS IS A RANT FOR all those political commercials between Deal and Barnes. These guys are getting nastier and nastier. I cannot wait until the election is over!

PLANTATION BLOOD NEEDS PETA to shut them down. They're running chain saws within 10 feet of the pigs at the end of the haunted house and they are obviously miserable and trying to get away from the loud noise. It might not seem like much, but it's still mistreatment and cruel. Local animal services won't look into it at all and police were there, so they won't do anything about it.

I JUST HAD TO CALL and comment on the editorial page and endorsements. I've been voting for 38 years, and in those 38 years I've seen politicians come and go. And my life hasn't changed not one bit. I know I'm just a small fish in a very large pond. Them endorsements might help The Chronicle and it might help some people that got some kind of pull somewhere, but the only thing that I've seen in the 38 years that I've been voting is that I'm 38 years older. That's the only changes that I've seen.

THIS IS A GREAT BIG rave for the worldwide news media for showing up in Chile for those trapped miners. If it wasn't for the worldwide media, the Chilean government would've just covered up the hole and buried them alive. Hats off to the media for making Chile do the right thing.

INCREASING THE AMOUNT of ethanol might reduce our dependency on foreign oil. As more corn is required it will increase grocery prices. In addition, cash-strapped Americans who own automobiles 2007 and older will be plunged further in debt as they are forced to replace their obsolete vehicle.

A BIG RAVE FOR Mayor Bloomberg of New York for his proposal to ban the buying of sodas with food stamps. The positive result of his proposal is that it can help reduce obesity and diabetes over time by the reduction in sugar intake. Let's hope that his proposal will become a permanent part of the food stamp program nationwide.

THIS IS A MILD RANT about the American flags flown at the federal courthouse. Why there are two flagpoles with flags I know not; most military installations have one flagpole for the whole base. The courthouse flags are flown 24 hours a day and are improperly lit at night. There are lights near the base of the poles, but the illumination only extends about one-third of the way up. Old Glory sits unlit at the top. Any Boy Scout will tell you that the American flag is flown at night only with proper illumination.

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