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I know that appeals are a part of the death penalty process, but why drag out the process in the case of Reinaldo Rivera, a self- confessed killer? Put a stop now to the delaying tactics and let's flip the switch on this callous killer who was convicted in 2004.

This is a rave
for a young man who stopped his vehicle and retrieved my runaway shopping cart in the Toys R Us parking lot on 10-8-10. His quickness and thoughtfulness avoided his or someone else's vehicle from being damaged. Thank you so much.

This is a rant about Augusta State wanting to put money into a golf course when employees have not had a raise in two years and five days of furlough. The only ones that have gotten a raise are the elite few who are given a different title and bunches of money.

When I was going to school we didn't have to worry about Planned Parenthood. We had prayer in the school. Psalm 100 and Psalm 23. Wake up, America. You people are asleep.

Out there on Teakwood Drive there's a dog chasing children around. If they find out whose dog it is, why don't Richmond County start fining these people $100 for every dog that gets out and is not kept on its own property?

Amen to rant about the awful wasted money that will go into changing the name of MCG. As for giving "admin a raise," forget it. Those are the "leaders" who want to waste the money on name changing. Maybe not the secretaries, clerks, etc., but the big boys are way overpaid.

This is a rave for the Chileans who responded to their disaster in an excellent manner. Everybody pitched in and there was no finger- pointing, blaming, or posturing for political gain, etc., during the response. Let's learn from Chile on how things should be done when disaster strikes. They showed us there is a better way!

I am told to recycle the things that need to be recycled, but my recycle bin has been out now for over a week and the recycle people do not pick it up. I have a time getting my recycling picked up. Now I will have to start putting it in the garbage disposal, the garbage cans, and letting the garbage pickup pick it up. There's no need for anybody saving for recycling because they do not pick it up.

"Revita lization" can mean anything, sorta like "change" and "sustainable." Read that word, then grab your wallet and watch your back. A facelift means a little bit of this and that to make something look better on the surface. Yet local big spenders claim a mere "facelift" for Richmond County will cost $1.1 billion .

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