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IS THERE GOING to be an Augusta mayoral debate? I have yet to hear about one. I know I want to hear what ideas the various candidates have instead of just sound bites on the news.

THIS IS A RAVE for the two guys who stopped to help me when my truck broke down at the corner of Martintown Road in North Augusta on Friday morning. Thank you both very much! I don't know what I would've done without you stopping. And rant for the lady in the Toyota who felt the need to sit behind me blowing her horn. Generally, madam, blinking hazard lights on a stationary vehicle mean there is some sort of issue.

I WOULD LIKE to comment on the couple in Waltons Landing with a 3-year-old whose house got slammed into the side of the garage by a hit and run car a week ago today, and still nothing has been done. The garage was totally torn off and bashed in. The elements are ruining their belongings, and the house is shifting. How safe is that?

BATTLING CRIME ON Broad Street and environs must include armed and tough cops walking the sidewalks there. Today's crooks are the worst in history. Businesses must arm themselves. Why do politicians refuse to ever mention beat cops? Budgets may be "tough." One solution would be for local government to fire two paper pushers to pay each Texas Ranger-tough beat cop.

AMEN TO YOUR notion that to again become a civilized town requires more than government effort. It requires all you suggest, especially parents. If parents did their jobs right, we wouldn't even need cops.

HEADLINE: "FANS mark Lennon's birthday." John Lennon helped drag the whole world down into illegal drugs. Why does anybody claim to "honor" him?

So now the city is going start furloughing employees. I certainly hope none of them are deputies because they are spread too thin as it is. We need all the police on the streets we can get with this crime wave going on. And why are we even discussing spending tax money on a new ballpark when we are furloughinging people? What's up with that?

MS. BURNER, I'M SORRY for the loss of your husband. I'm a Vietnam veteran. I spent four years in Vietnam. I see a lot of men with misdiagnosis and we couldn't get them to medical treatment. It wasn't the fault of the medical people. They do what they can with what they got on hand. I'm sorry for the loss of your husband. He was an outstanding soldier, from what I understand.

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