Rants & Raves

Comments from our readers:


Please someone tell me exactly why Augusta is so obsessed with buffet restaurants? Judging by how overweight many people are here, you people should refrain from eating at buffets so much.

The photo of police on the shooting range looks like everybody needs to shed a couple of pounds.

Are there very many people who have live in downtown Augusta who have not had something stolen from their homes?

Raves to Joe and Will for helping a lady in distress at the gas station on Deans Bridge Road . These men went out of their way to make sure my car got started. My grandson and I greatly appreciate them coming to our rescue.

When I was younger, I had aspirations of looking like Superman. Now that I am older, I look more like the Michelin Man.

Dear Richmond County (or any other), please send me your $7.5 million for teen pregnancy prevention and I will tell you how a low-income, working-class father kept his daughter a virgin and not a pregnant, unwed teen mother. If you are interested, please send cash first!

What happened to the money that was taken from the tax assessor's office that was in a safe that wasn't locked in an office that probably wasn't locked? It got hushed up real soon.

The city of North Augusta is spending a half-million dollars to update its police radios. With all the crime that's going on in the city of North Augusta as they expand their areas of control, they need more policemen on the street patrolling. Crime is out of hand in North Augusta. We need more patrolmen, not more radios.

There is no way that I can park downtown, walk to a restaurant, order a meal and wait for it to be prepared, eat and then get back to the car in two hours with a little window shopping done. Might as well go to the mall and won't have parking problems at all.

This rant is directed to those modern, stylish females that deliberately disregard neatness with hair that resembles a mophead and crooked parting, who spend much of their time pushing that hair out of their eyes. And a rave to those I hope will reverse this no-care, nonsense trend.

I think it's completely wrong to expect that landlord of the Eve Street place to find people a place, or to have known how the renters caused and permitted the deterioration of the home. No wonder so many people decide it's better to let their property just sit there if they can't sell, rather than rent out.