Rants & Raves

IF I WERE to attend the funeral of a serviceman killed in action and protesters showed up, it would take two good men to pull me off the leader.


PARKING PROBLEMS downtown are inevitable. That's one reason businesses move outward away from town, so people can park free and leave their car there as long as they want to.

RANT TO SMOKERS: Throw your cigarette butts in an ashtray, not in the streets, your yard or other people's yards.

AS AN AFRICAN-AMERICAN, I know the Confederacy is a part of our history. So is high blood pressure. I won't be celebrating either of them.

FOR SEVERAL YEARS I have been warning my son and son-in-law not to bike with Outspokin and similar groups in the area. I think they got the message, but in a relatively tough way. It is time to build a 30-mile track at Fort Gordon's Range Road for bikes only.

RAVE TO COLUMBIA County middle school football coaches. It's been a great season. Thank you for working with our young men and providing fun games for the parents and spectators to watch.

RAVE TO THE ROUTE supervisor delivering my paper. He was very helpful, and I appreciate his effort. Thanks a lot.

FOUNDING FATHER Samuel Adams wrote, "It is my duty to oppose ... those who would enslave my Country." It's time for modern Americans to do that. And the first way is, in November, to kick out everybody who's running for re-election for any political office.

JENNIFER KEETON should counsel the Klan on bigotry and hatred and how wrong it is.

THIS IS A RANT to some of the ranters. Half the rants I read are ridiculous -- like the one I read in the newspaper about a person not liking that a church is praising God loudly because it ruins their Sunday mornings outside! Really?

THIS IS A RANT for all of the people who want to raise the taxes on the rich because they are more prosperous. The rich already foot the entire bill for this country. Just because they have the money to spare does not give the government the right to take more money out of their pockets.

THIS IS A RANT for the Augusta solid waste department. We had a neighborhood cleanup on Fairbluff Road. Seven houses cut brush and cleared it away because we've had so many robberies on this street, we were trying to make it more visible. We thought we were doing solid waste pickup a favor by dragging it all in front of two houses, putting it nice and neat for them. And they left it. They said we had too much.

ELECTING PEOPLE LIKE (South Carolina Republican gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley) year after year is why South Carolina is at the bottom of the barrel compared to other states.

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