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RANT TO THE Augusta Chronicle for not naming the more than 40 religious leaders and/or their affiliated house of worship that attended the Sept. 29 meeting to support a formal interfaith organization in Augusta. I want to know if my pastor and/or my house of worship was in attendance.

MODERN POLITICIANS stay in office as long as they can get away with it. The original democracy, Athens, Greece, changed its president every day. Thus nobody could stay in the leadership position long enough to harm the people and their freedom. The original Massachusetts Constitution (upon which a lot of the U.S. Constitution was based) elected a new governor every year.

I HAVE A RANT for the local firefighter who's whining about the training. Try Mock Level 4 at 145 degrees in the Sahara desert. We didn't complain and we sure as heck didn't get a slice of pizza. Perhaps the local fire department agency should seek prior military to gain the professional personnel that they need.

DO WE GET TO VOTE on the baseball stadium, or will it be like everything else? Rammed down our throat.

RE: THE MAYOR'S POWERS. Yes sir, big fella. I dub you as duke of Deans Bridge Road. Now use your powers carefully.

SOMETHING IS WRONG with The Chronicle crossword puzzles. The weekday ones are too easy. I get 100 percent of them and then the Sunday ones are too hard. I only get about 30 or 35 percent of them. I was wondering should they maybe kinda make the weekday ones a little harder and the Sunday ones a little easier?

PITY THE POOR AUGUSTA firemen. They had a bad day at training. It was too hot. They complained. They didn't have enough water. It was just terrible. What are they going to do when they go to a house that's fully involved or a building that's too involved? Are they going to say it's too hot, they can't go in?

RANTS TO SEN. SAXBY Chambliss whose Web site says "you must be registered" in order to send an e-mail to him. What kind of scam nonsense is that?

WHERE DO SCHOOLS get such job titles as "executive director for student affairs" and "director of student learning?" Aren't one principal and some teachers supposed to handle "affairs" and "learning"?

YOUR ARTICLE ABOUT Georgia graduation tests says, "Writing (test) is in September of 11th grade." In the 1940s, we had to write beginning in Grade ONE. What the heck's going on?!

SINCE WE ARE NOT happy with the current candidates for governor, why not write in Karen Handel for governor? That's what I am going to do.

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