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This is a rant for all the people who, from the comfort of their computer screens, enjoying spewing venom, hatefulness and libel into every situation in Augusta.

The UN now has an ambassador for "outer space" affairs. If the UN wants to talk with outerspace, the UN must talk to Washington, D.C.

To the ranter comparing mayor Deke to Queen Elizabeth: Sure, he may not have much authority, but he can still cut ribbons with finesse and make royal proclamations. Maybe he could proclaim me the Duke of Deans Bridge Road.

Republican leader Boehner blames both big parties for current "dysfunction" in government. Why can't he go ahead and admit corruption rather than merely "dysfunction?"

Democrat Roy Barnes "unveils plan to boost state's economy." No politician has ever "boosted" any state's economy other than by cutting the size of government, period. And few modern politicians have any plans to get government out of the way of productive private enterprise. This new "plan" is just more destructive mush from a professional, power-grabbing politician.

GA public school officials keep bragging about various increases in scores on various tests. Now they brag about more kids merely "enrolling" in "advanced" classes. They also brag that these kids are scoring higher in Advanced Placement exams. The highest score one can get is a 5. GA students got a 3. That means these students only made an average of 60, which is a D minus!

This is a rant to the CCBOE. I wonder if the elementary school parents in Columbia County realize their children are being taught by Para-Professionals (Para-Pro) when their teachers are not there. I happen to know this because my wife is a Para-Pro. She has taught her class at least a half-dozen time this year already .

Can someone please explain to me why the Diary of Anne Frank was on the banned books list in Columbia County? You've got to be kidding.

Graduated June 1970, ARC. In the mornings you were asked to close your eyes or do the Lord's Prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. Every day you were in school. Whether you did or not was your personal thing. And guess what? Don't recall having a whole lot of problems. Think about it, dummies.

I would just like to thank Augusta Chronicle for the nice article on Tony Curtis and that beautiful picture on the front page.

If you're upset about the economy, don't go crazy and kill and rob and hurt people. That only makes things worse for you. Just stay calm and somebody, some way, is going to help you.


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