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This is not the time to try a $75,000-per-year experiment that would have an insignificant effect on dropout rates! Laney High School's dropout rate can only be decreased if the parents take on the responsibility that they are now passing on to the teachers and others. It's up to the parents to demand high standards from their children (and teachers) and they should expect nothing less.

The Georgia Supreme Court postponed the execution of a triple murderer because the man attempted suicide. His lawyer claims he is too nuts to be executed. If a court is stupid enough to fall for that, everybody on death row will immediately pretend to try to commit suicide; then all will NOT be executed by a court that claims you can't execute a nut case, while the phony nut cases will laugh all the way out of death row.

Speaking of Obama's golf swing, if his swing is as awkward as is shown on TV, he is an awful golfer. If he's claiming decent scores, with THAT swing, he's lying about golf, too.

Our many thanks to a wonderful lady who stopped on Evans to Locks Road last Friday to rescue our new little puppy who had sneaked out of the fenced yard. You were so thoughtful to take the time to be sure she was safe. Spicy Girl says "many thanks!"

Property owners cannot prevent tenants from not paying their water bills. Lori Davis, who is running for mayor, should know that property owners cannot be responsible for tenants not paying their bills.

This is a rant for the person that has their own street that I happen to drive on my way to Augusta State University. How did you get your own street?

There is always one thing that makes a Republican look real good. A Democrat.

Somebody told me that to be in "The Tea Party," you must be at least 50 years old and have Rush Limbaugh programmed on your radio ...

When them psychiatrists get through with you, you not only look like a gooney , you act like a gooney , too.

This is a rant for the procurement office. It needs a new director. They should have investigated the license problem with the people that wanted to operate The Patch. It's time to get a new officer.

I visit your fair city quite often. ... It appears as though you don't have a speed limit. Every time I come over there's people passing me like I'm sitting still. I can be going 80 mph, it doesn't matter. Whether I'm on 520 or whether I'm on one of the regular roads it's just like there's no speed limit over there.


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