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THIS IS A RANT for teachers who don't do their jobs and let their parapros do everything. They should be ashamed of themselves. I guess they have realized their parapros are doing a much better job than they could ever do. Those teachers should be ashamed of themselves.

TEACHERS RAVE about "interactive whiteboards," yet since they've been around, more students flunk. Is there a connection?

PLEASE YOUNG MEN and women of Augusta. Stop hanging out in our streets. We have houses and backyards. Meeting in them will save your lives and stop lowering our property values.

THREE RICHMOND drug agents killed Michael Nestor in self-defense last fall. Somebody got it right to NOT charge the cops with a crime. The question is: Why did it take a full year to decide what was obvious?

JOHN BARROW SAYS, "I don't think raising taxes on anyone is the thing to do right now." Notice Barrow hedges by adding "right now." That means he can't wait to raise taxes but he's scared to death to do it right now because he sees defeat coming at him full barrel.

THIS IS A RANT to the group that was holding a car wash at the AutoZone on Columbia Road on Saturday. They were representing a local church. The girls were disrespectful and made very inappropriate remarks to the people who were also holding a car wash across the street at Advance Auto. To be part of a church group they were certainly not acting like Christians should.

YOU'VE GOT TO HAND it to Glenn Beck -- he is slick. Most charlatans are slick, sure, but Glenn has found ways to take slick to a whole new level.

THE COSTS (AND LOSSES) quoted in The Chronicle to operate "The Patch" could have easily been paid for at least 10 years with the money we taxpayers paid to attempt to keep a legal business, the X-Mart, out of Augusta.

CAN SOMEONE TELL ME how much this new "Parent Portal" cost the taxpayer? Iparent worked just fine except when the teachers were slow to update it. Second, if the school board is accusing children of pocketing lunch money why isn't there a link on Parent Portal telling parents how much money is in the child's lunch account? A little investigating on the schools' part may fix the problem altogether.

CASHIERS REALLY NEED to stop being so Southern slow. What's the matter? You don't like us Southern people? That's called common courtesy and communication when you talk.

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