Rants & Raves

Comments from our readers:
Thank you to the "Around the Block" section editors of the Richmond County Neigh­bors for the writing contest notices. As a language arts teacher in Richmond County, I sincerely appreciate being informed about opportunities for my middle school students to submit their works.


Rave to the Richmond County  police officers who broke into my car for me when I managed to lock myself out of it in the middle of the road with the car's engine running.

A big RANT against the public relations talk by Augusta Public Transit.  When people who have been waiting extra time in the hot sun call to ask for an estimated time of arrival, supervisors need to tell the truth, not say something just to make things sound nicer.  Some of us were waiting at a stop.  We were told that the bus would be approaching the opposite side of the road, so we crossed the street to catch the bus there.  Then about 15 minutes later, we saw the bus coming to the bus stop across the road, where we had been waiting!  So we crossed the road as quick as we could to catch the bus.

Cashiers really need to stop being so Southern slow with chatter at check outs.  Some of us have a schedule and need to run on to catch buses or some such.  Stop picking conversations with everyone when you are the only one for a line of people!

I agree with the rant about the VA nurses . It does seem to be one big social club when you go there.

I'd like to RANT about the president of MCG changing the name of the school! Knowing the employees are taking furlough days trying to make ends meet for their families , I don't understand how they can spend that amount of money on changing the name when they should be more interested in helping their employees survive! Happy employees make happy patients!

Considering the delinquency of school lunches, I think it's time that parents/guardians start teaching children the value of money .  It will involve them with basic math skills they should be using in classes anyway.  And now would be the good time to instill in at least high school kids about thoughts of their financial futures, to start saving for something that can be safe and productive like savings bonds.

Deke can't seem to be able to even admit that there is a crime problem in Augusta, and he has yet to address what he intends to do about it. However, he wastes no time at all to talk about his favorite subject: a new ballpark.  Some may say ignorance is bliss, but in the case of Augusta, it is becoming downright deadly.

How come nobody wants to discuss the idea of building a brand new baseball stadium exactly where the old one is? It's been done before. That's my rant.