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This is a rant for the Richmond County jail: How can you not have books to read or cards to play? You put people in jail to sit and wait to see the outcome of their lives, and they have nothing to do to occupy their minds. And you wonder why you have so many fights and riots on your hands?

A ranter reports that a National Guard unit is "learning how to raise ... goats" so they can help people in the Middle East. Can the American government get any stupider? Goats, left alone, will "raise" themselves. If we want to help Middle Easterners with goats, we should ship every single American government office-holder over there. They're all goats.

This is a RANT to all of those who feel that people who receive any type of entitlement is a bum. I had to be placed on disability two years ago because of my health. Now I am better and transitioning back to work. People who receive unemployment, disability or food stamps are not all lazy. Sometimes people do just need a hand up.

Somebody is ranting that teachers have not received any money to buy school supplies for their classes. Clearly, that's just one more case of government total failure at being in charge of anything. At the same time, if a teacher has a chalk board and chalk, that can get her through. There's no way to depend on any "Board of Education" in the USA.

This is a rave for the young lady who was awarded Miss Paine College. She will now compete in the new Miss National Black Only College Alumni Hall of Fame Pageant on Saturday in Atlanta. Good luck, young lady.

Guess who's the biggest money winner on the PGA Tour this year? Elin Woods.

It is shameful if some schools and parents do not allow students to hear the president's address to them. He is the president.

I have another insight into the deputy sheriff's association. I received a call last fall identifying the organization and asking for my mother. I replied, "I'm sorry, she's deceased." The gentleman then said, "Well, tell her we'll call again during our next campaign." Does this speak for the intelligence of the man working for them?

As for drinking on post: That soldier boy can pull a trigger, so he ought to be able to open a beer can.

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