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"Breathalyzers at establishments so that we know how much we've drank." This was done many years ago at a favorite Augusta establishment as a novelty. I remember asking the bartender for a disposable mouth piece for the machine. He said, "We do not have any and the machine will be gone soon because our alcohol sales are suffering too much." How about requiring a blood-alcohol test for the drivers before they leave any establishment that serves alcohol. Take the hint, Augusta, and become notable nationwide for a great reason.

It is great that there were volunteers trying to clean up around Butler. Unfortunately it does not "clean up" the problems of the interior. I am a 1991 graduate of Butler and am embarrassed when asked by anyone where I graduated because of its reputation.

Why are so many Americans disturbed about the pastor burning the Quran ? Does it bother Americans when an American flag or a Bible is burned? I do not condone it, but people seem to forget freedom of speech when another religion is "insulted."

Deke's Facebook posting about his jogging schedule is distasteful because Augusta- Richmond County has dire issues. Not everyone can jog in a neighborhood because of crime and blight. Marie Antoinette lost her head because she neglected the common people. We want Deke's head in November!

Let me get this straight. The mayor wants to spend tens of millions of dollars on a new ball park. We spend hundreds of thousands to pay off fired incompetent employees. Yet the city of Augusta says we cannot afford to clean up the blight and nuisance properties that breed crime and drag down our property values. It sounds like Augusta has its priorities out of line.

Headline: "Scientist to treat water pollution with artificial wetlands." 1. There's no true definition of "wetland." Oxford University dictionary for 1993 makes no mention of a word called "wetland," thus it is a newly minted scam word from progressive power grabbers. 2. There's no such thing, so the power grabbers plan to use an "artificial" no-such-thing, and that's supposed to save the planet? This stuff is really getting ridiculous. How can you make an artificial nothing?

Headline: "Humped dino is discovered." They "believe what they have discovered" is a dinosaur. It is a "nearly compete fossil..." It "might have" been something. One genius "thinks the only conceivable explanation is " is that it "could easily have been." It's from "125 million years ago," a time that never was. Its arms "seem like..." There's not one word of concrete fact in the whole story, just guessing.


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