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Thank you for the article on Down syndrome. My son is 28 with Downs and one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. They're so vulnerable. I hope Ms. Burley's killer is brought to justice as soon as possible.

Dog walkers who let their dogs poop everywhere and anywhere. My new plan is to shovel the poop out in the street. Maybe when you're walking the dogs, if you get some poo on you, you might get a clue.

This is a rant against Obama and his administration against the pastor who's thinking about burning the Quran . He didn't seem to be upset when the people in Arizona were burning the American flag and all the people overseas burning American soldiers and the Bible and decapitating American civilians. Why is he upset about the Quran ? Is it hitting close to home, Mr. President?

Idiot move of the week goes to North Augusta streets and whatever you call them. They wait until school starts at Hammond Hill Elementary School and they go out with jackhammers the first two days of school. How dumb can somebody be?

America the beautiful. I don't see no beauty looking at me. All I see in Augusta is a whole lot of trash and garbage. Clean up, people, and make America beautiful. It takes some elbow grease.

To the person about the Richmond County Board of Education police officer pumping gas into his car while it's running. If you see that going on and you know it's illegal, write the man's car number down. Call the police officer's boss and report it.

Rant for Columbia County school system. You cancel middle school art, middle school Spanish and furlough teachers. Yet you install brand new HUGE flat screen TVs in the high schools to scroll announcements to the students (that no one reads). Why don't you collect their e-mail addresses and e-mail them the announcements for free?

Huge raves to Sally Rich and the caring, professional teachers at the University Hospital Child Development Center. Rants to University Hospital adminstrators for closing the childcare center to put up another parking lot.

Rant to Southeast Regional Battle of the Bands set to take place Sunday, Sept. 5 at Lucy C. Laney Stadium. My sixth-grader is in band for the first time and I thought it would be cool for him to see college bands perform. I've never attended a "band battle" in the nine years I've lived here so I was looking forward to it as well. I arrived at 4 p.m. to an empty parking lot. A Chronicle reporter pulls in a few minutes after me, double-checking the location and wondering why no one was there. A fellow patron pulls in the lot two minutes after her, saying he heard it promoted on the radio the day before. They didn't bother contacting the newspaper or radio to update.

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