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RAVES TO THE RANTER who wrote a rant to all ASU students who do not wash their hands. Here's a rant to all ASU faculty and admin who refuse to wash their hearts.

"GA politicians can now transfer as much money as they want to other candidates." When you donate to a politician, do you want your donation going to somebody you may know is a crook, or who certainly disagrees with you? There's a good solution to this problem. Never give a nickel to ANY politician! Not a nickel!

A RANT OR QUESTION ... does open container law apply to limousines or are they exempt from the law?

CAN ANYTHING BE DONE to smooth out the turn off Washington Road onto Berckmans Road? It's bad enough on the driver's side, but the passenger side almost needs a neck brace after the event!

SAD, OF COURSE, about any prison riot such as the one at Folsom in California. Also sad that it took the warden 30 minutes to tell his guards to open fire and stop the trouble in its tracks. Surely, that 30 minutes allowed many prisoners to get hurt by other prisoners.

CONTINUING TO HOLD hands is a sweet way to show affection. One day your spouse won't be there, and all you will have is the memories and a feeling of trying to find a part of you to make you whole again.

RANT TO SECURITY Federal Bank: I went into this bank with $10 in hand and asked for a roll of quarters. "Do you have an account?" I replied I did not. "Sorry, we can't exchange money with no account." I was not asking to cash a payroll check, a two-party check or a loan. I was asking for a simple roll of quarters to wash my clothes.

WHY I LIKE OBAMA: He has exposed the deceit and duplicity of the Democratic Party; he has revealed the liberal bias of the main-line media; and he has revived the conservative movement in America. Maybe he is not as bad a president as I thought.

INSTEAD OF BEING TIRED of hearing Katrina stories, one should be more incensed about the fact that the Katrina situation is still not fully resolved. HUMAN BEINGS died waiting for basic first aid and water. To prevent anything remotely resembling this American tragedy from occurring again, this story should remain in the headlines for years to come. Thank you very much.

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