We're still here for you after 225 years

We've hit 225 years of serving the community. While our methods of gathering and delivering the news continue to change, our overall mission to report the day's events and investigate wrongdoing hasn't. We fight for your right to know.


Our newsroom has different champions to produce what you expect from your daily newspaper -- each one with their own priorities and new ways of working. You see them as news editors, sports columnists, photographers, copy editors and reporters. They are Augusta's largest news force in action. Few of them do only one type of assignment. They are versatile.

Alongside this mission, we further commerce. Our pages carry advertisements and notices of business services and deals. You clip them, read them and make decisions, knowing regular Chronicle advertisers tend to be trustworthy and reputable.

Our front page is devoted to more than just the "important" news of the day. In print, we have to look beyond the headlines from the omnipresent 24/7 news cycles online and in other media.

The print edition filters out some fleeting news in favor of interest and impact. Online might give you the headline and a developing story, but print will confirm facts with additional attribution, rounding out a story with reporting that takes time. It should look behind the scenes for causes and effect.

If you don't read the paper while absorbing other media, you can miss context and reflection needed for good decision-making.

Some of us remain concerned about young people's media habits. Swirls of misinformation in gang e-mails and partisan information campaigns can outnumber practiced reporting methods and considered opinion. We are working to engage them through new media.

We challenge and celebrate the community with the news and coverage without fear or favor -- and seek to avoid conflicts that might create perceptions to the contrary.

Our Opinion pages' mantra and approach shares in this ideal but has a different mission and is wholly separate from the newsgathering operation. Editorial Page Editor Mike Ryan and his team seek to further public discourse.

They take positions advocating or denouncing public and private action for the good of community consideration. Their view follows the long-established tradition of newspaper ownership putting forth food for thought from the publisher's view, endorsements of people and ideas for consideration.

The opinion pages and our columns are meant to stimulate thought rather than to espouse a right or wrong way of thinking. I don't always agree with them, but I champion their rights and mission to offer a considered view. If you agree or disagree, we hope you will write a letter or make a comment to express your opinion, because that's what these pages are for: discussion.

This brings us back to your 225-year-old newsroom.

We are your champion.

We search for the facts and look under rocks for what you need to know to make informed decisions. We hope the civic-minded act when our investigations reveal disturbing trends.

We are still fighting to get a current mug shot of Walter Williams, the man convicted of fraud for scheming supposed millions from area residents. Authorities claim the photo isn't public record -- even after he is convicted and surrendered himself to jail. Have you been scammed by this man under an alias? Well, we won't know whether his crimes are limited to the folks who have come forward until everyone can see his face.

Why in the world are federal marshals shielding this basic information when others are not given the same shield? This is a huge misstep by our government.

This is a small example of the value of having a newspaper such as ours in your driveway or on your digital gizmo.

We believe in the First Amendment and practice it every day on your behalf. When you subscribe and read us, you are making sure someone is watching out for your tax dollars and your way of life.

We were there in 1785. We've weathered it all and continue forward because our leading charge remains true. We are here for you.