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BP ADS CLAIM they are working hard on the oil spill using "task forces" and "strike teams." Since a "task force" is essentially a "strike team," BP has clearly learned from government how to pretend to speak clearly while saying nothing. (Definition of a "strike force" includes "the force being armed." Is BP shooting at leaking oil?)

A RAVE FOR Michael Holahan's photograph complementing Tracey McManus's upbeat Paddlefest article (Chronicle , August 22, page 1B). That picture is a geometric work of art.

THIS IS A RANT to all of the Augusta State students who do not wash their hands.

IN REGARD TO the parents who had to stand out in the rain and lightning, waiting admission for parents' orientation and those "abused paraprofessionals" in Richmond County, you should visit Aiken County. Many of the elementary teachers have to do car duty, every evening, regardless of pouring rain, lightning and freezing weather, to get children into proper cars in order not to inconvenience the parents. Not only do they stand in the storms, some are in the middle of the road at times with cars passing on both sides. If they are lucky that they don't get struck by lightning, they may get run over. These same teachers and paraprofessionals, who do not happen to be driving a bus, do custodial work in the rooms and in the cafeteria every day. Before the beginning of each new year, teachers are cleaning and rearranging furniture, etc. in their rooms. Do you think they get paid overtime?

I COMMEND THE recent spate of history lessons of sorts by references to past articles and columns from previous issues of this paper. You show people there is much they can still learn from the past.

SHAME ON MR. HOWARD! He is a longtime businessman as well as longtime politician so he should know better than to owe. No matter who else is in charge of the store on the day-to-day business, while his name is on the license, HE is the one responsible for taxes and other fees. I better hear real soon that he's paid it all off!

RANT: ADVENTURE CROSSING is filled with young kids as managers who have no patience and are very rude to customers. I am not sure if it is a place I will continue to frequent with my kids. I am not used to being talked to in that manner by CHILDREN.

EXAMPLES OF EAR MARKS (all of which are unconstitutional) include money to city public transit, city sewer, local hospitals, GA Tech, MARTA, various corporations, AFLAC, Safari Club -- What?! A club?! Notice that all these things are either state, local, or private. Thus not a penny of those earmarks makes any sense other than to try to buy votes by our elected officials. We really must clean house in Congress, and November is the first step. No more incumbents!

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