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How many more accidents do we need to have on Highway 56 before they slow those big trucks down? I almost got run over yesterday by a log truck as I was trying to turn into a local business. He smoked his tires trying to stop. I had my turn signal on for a block or more. They just don't pay attention.

IT IS WEEK TWO of the school year, and to date I have questioned my children regarding homework assignments and I've been disappointed to find they have none. What they have presented in lieu of homework is loads of papers pertaining to silly contracts between students, teachers and parents about disciplinary problems. Why are my tax dollars being spent on this nonsense? Instead of printing hoards of useless disciplinary contracts, start using this paper to put assignments out to the students and engage their minds in academics.

I WOULD JUST like to thank the nice gentleman in the red Chevrolet pickup who helped me when my car battery died at the North Augusta Kroger gas station. Your kindness is greatly appreciated, and I will definitely pass it forward.

"FREE" CHECKING accounts that charge fees. Just more modern, manipulative lingo to scam productive people. It comes from government; it comes from banks.

COLUMBIA COUNTY commissioners, there are other residents in the county besides those in Evans and Martinez. When are you going to get with Georgia DOT and do something about traffic problems on Lewiston Road? Do not tell me it's a state road; we already know that. You need to intervene and get something done for this side of the county.

THE AVERAGE MONEY for back-to-school supplies is now $606 per kid. What's a student need but pencil and paper? That's all Einstein had.

THIS IS A RANT for the person who took my large sun medallion off the exterior of my house in the Hephzibah area. Would you please return it? This was a Mother's Day gift and had been hanging there for eight years.

THIS IS A RANT against the committee at Augusta State University that it would even consider turning that golf trophy over to the Augusta museum. What a shame. This trophy for that national championship golf team should be kept at the college in a case. Shame, shame, shame. Who even wants to go to that Augusta museum anymore? Thumbs down on it.

HOORAY FOR PUTTING the GPS in the waterworks vehicles. Wish every county official that had a car had GPS in it, too.

THIS IS A RAVE for the Walmart pharmacy employees for their good job in helping me get my medicine after my hysterectomy.

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